Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday Summary | I make lists in my sleep, baby, what's my sin?

Dear FOQ

Has everyone enjoyed the Six Days of British Summer? Good! Have a splendidly summery tune for your efforts before the leccy blanket goes back on again ...:


This fortnight, I have mostly been ...




Said in singsong voice: "Sheldon kissed Amy! Sheldon kiiii-ssed Amy!" (and maybe I was tipsy at the time but hey, I got goosebumps!)

{I've mentioned recently how much I love these two, haven't I?}
... Update: he's since told her he loves her. And I totally went a bit misty-eyed.

Unbreakable (#they aliiiiiive, dammit#) Kimmy Schmidt.

I came, I binge-watched, I watched the whole fudging series in a few days.

(I'll admit, Lillian annoys the heck out of me ... but not enough to put me off completely.)

The Handmaid's Tale

Yep, just when you thought all I watched was fluffy binge-watchable comedy on Netflix (which is, well, a fair assessment).

The series has been playing for a while on Hulu in the US (whatever that is; like Netflix but different?) but debuted on Channel Four on Sunday night (with many thanks to Steph M for the tip-off). Being a fangirl of OITNB's infinitely watchable Samira Wiley I'd seen the odd shot of her rock up on my Instagram with comments and Likes from Actual Queen Margaret of Atwood but had not anticipated that the show would arrive on these humble shores so soon.

WARNING (because I'm responsible like that): It's not for the faint-hearted; there are some remarkably graphic scenes – but it's compelling telly, with some great appearances (Alexis "Rory Gilmore" Bledel and even Joseph Fiennes); and Elisabeth Moss is astounding as Offred.


... on stage, IRL and everything:

Aaaah, man.

Now, we're still trying to ascertain exactly which anniversary tour we were watching because didn't we see the twentieth anniversary performance three years ago? (Cousin Tim? Help!)

That technicality aside, last Wednesday, Ma QB and I thoroughly enjoyed this phenomenal performance at the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells (after dinner, oh, and complementary kir royales at Côte fyi).

{via here}

Granted, the music was actually a tiny bit too loud over the singers' voices (and they had some pipes on them, I can tell thee) but that techfail aside, wowza.

{via here}

Those who have nothing better to do with their lives but dwell on instant recall of my past posts (OK, just me then) may remember my last rave review of RENT way back when (of course, if unlike me you're a fully functioning human with a Life and Actual Preoccupations beyond curating #blogfodder, then here's a link to help you on your way); that was more of an orchestral arrangement: the show we saw last week was a full-blown, no-holds-barred performance and a half, involving a splendid and beautiful drag queen (Layton Williams as Angel: that boy can dance)

{Uhmmm, ow? | also via here}

performing somersaults and the splits (cue the entire audience wincing), and some absolutely astounding vocals from a tight and talented cast. (And I'm going to throw down the gauntlet of theatrical controversy and say that the Mimi we saw last week was a far more plausible Mimi than Kerry Ellis was three years ago, talented though she is ...)

We didn't see Eurovision entry chanteuse Lucie Jones on the night we went so I can't testify as to how she qualified as Maureen (even though the woman behind us was convinced that was who she was watching... right, luv. You should have gone to ... a well-known high street optician) but it didn't matter: sometimes it's better when there's no Big Name for a show to hinge on.


... at the Ruby & the Rhythms gig at the Cage in Rahgate last Sunday night (woot woot, Bernk Herliday!) with Alun and Christine (and guest appearances by AJ and Russ).

{Arty-farty shot taken on the walk}

Now, maybe I'm getting old ...

OK, I am getting old but ... the crowd was just too young to appreciate most of the tunes that R&TR were rocking. Or, to know how to appreciate them at all since there was a lot of chitchat going on and not much Paying Attention to the Music. Harrumph.

And perhaps it's a little odd to get excited about the fact that R&TR covered, among others, this monumental pillar of Late Nineties musical excellence:

(#My love has got no money, he's got his trampolines#)

but hey. Colour me ancient and proud. Music today's not what it used to be, etc etc.

Still. I think we had a fun evening, didn't we, Edwardses? We finished with chips from the kebab shop eaten in the bus stop so I'm chalking that up as a Great Night Out.

Barn dancin'

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Ma, Pa and I drove over to Markbeech again on Thursday evening for a spot o' do-si-do-ing, stripping the willow and gender confusion (!) at a rather small, select gathering (!!) with friends Jan, Christine F, Pauline and Colin, and Lynn and Phil.

'Twas much fun, though, especially when the willow-stripping just went completely Pete Tong.

And it turns out that Boomerang gifs of barn dances are really quite neato. And a bit weird:


And finally ... 

No photographs exist (well none that don't involve me with a fish-face swimming cap on my head) but on Wednesday night I paid a visit up London Town again to wish my former line manager Sarah bon voyage as she too is leaving our ol' company to seek out new adventures. 'Twas so lovely to see so many former colleagues and have a catchup and a giggle: massive thanks to Charlottenberglewergle for inviting me and reminding me that we did have some great times back in the CanDoodle days.

Sleazy tattoos and shark fins all the way, babies.

{It's a mystery why I'm still single. Truly. | Photo collage by Gif}

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

Fortnightly Web Finds 🕸🔎

Serious (ish)

• This is quite US-centric but makes some interesting points: On the value of single employees | on Quartz

• Thanks, Daily Quicky, I really needed to feel even more ancient | Remember when the internet looked like this? | on The Daily Quicky | Yes. Yes, I do.

{via here}

and on a similar note: this is a little bit bonkers:

Thanks to Norgstar Georgina for bringing this gem to my attention! I'm still stunned that Oracle was around as far back as 1984.

And now I'm really, really coveting a rotary telephone.

{... but a red one. Still with the telephone number sticker on the centre
of the dial. Like this one.}


• Someone In Bulgaria Is Putting Googly Eyes On Broken Street Objects | Yaaaaaaas! | on Bored Panda | via Natalie

{via here}

• Sunbathing seal becomes local celebrity | on BBC Magazine | via Evie

Terrible 'top tips' from British magazines | on The Daily Quicky | I dunno, I think number 6 is quite handy; I do the same with a Bonne Maman jam jar lid on my coffee cup. Works a treat. Sort of.

• This Paperchase advert/parody of Atonement is cute [plus, bonus points for featuring a Gemma Correll card: we love her] | Paperchase on Vimeo

Paperchase Advert 2017 from Jameela on Vimeo.

• And the latest Musicless Music Video is worth a snorfle:

That's all I have for now except to wish both AJ and Kate a very happy birthday today!


Until next time ...

qb xx

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