Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sunday Summary | Here you go, way too fast // Don't slow down, you're gonna crash

Dear FOQ

How are we all? Good? Good.

This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading 📚

So good. So good. My only criticism: too many coincidences and one very predictable outcome, but enough surprises and atmosphere to prevent that from mattering.

I then devoured this in about a day:

Lovely story as it is, I'm about 30 years too old to appreciate this book. Neigh mind, eh?

On a Morpurgo tip, I'm now working through:

I am under no obligation to read Grown-up Books All the Time.

Watching 📺

Oh and this:

{What We Do in the Shadows}

which came as recommended by Cousin Jo (along with some other treats that I shall be working through in the foreseeable future).

What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary on the vampires of Wellington, NZ written by Jemaine "Flight of the Conchords" Clement and Taika Waititi (who has one of the Best Faces on Film). Incidentally ... The Empirical Laws of Vampiring According to Buffy lead me to expect all vampires to evaporate to dust upon staking but I blame Joss Whedon for that little fallacy.

Spending quality time 🍷👣

... with Cousin Jo in hearty Hertfordshire last weekend. We Harwoods know how to weekend, that's fo' sho'. (Especially with that Bank Holiday Bonus Day thrown in for good measure.)

I arrived in Herts on Friday night (after a joyous journey by train and tube – ugh, tubes + uber-big rucksacks = smelly mess = nobody likes you)

to a warm welcome involving fish and chips and a couple of drams in one of the village's many pubs where there was even a live band covering some epic hits of the 80s and 90s; then, on Saturday after a monumentally good sleep and marvellous, relaxed mid-morning basking in the sun (you remember sun, and warmth, right? Those things we got last month?) and drinking excellent stove-top coffee (how else does one roll on a weekend?) Jo and I headed out on our promised Yomp.

Said Yomp took us through two nature reserves and alongside canals, then – after a perfectly timed pitstop at a pub for a beverage and an array of bar snacks – up through the fields and far away past all manner of truly scrumptious houses and properties.

Side note: it appears I have a Thing for red brick.

We covered roughly 10 miles (according to my MapMyWalk; Jo's, which was probably more accurate and matched to stride, had us in at just under 10. So I'm rounding up.).

{Rye House Gatehouse} 

{The brick markings on the ground
show where the individual rooms once were}

{Check out that chim-er-ney.}

{St Andrew's Church, Stanstead Abbotts.}

{Harwoods doing Harwood Things}

The evening involved homemade lasagne and lemon meringue pie, the latter of which has been added to my ever-increasing list of Life Goals; followed by a heady trip down the parallel rabbit holes known as Spotify and YouTube, which threw up some true delights and long-forgotten treasures, of which I shall share four for your delectation:

On Sunday we drove back to the 'Hill and finished off a splendiferous weekend with a hefty and marvellous lunch at Home Cottage. Because, when in the 'Hill, there's no place like Home.

Hanging out in imitable style 🍸

... with this one:

{Gif by Nats}

We were both keeping it quite low-key for various reasons, but we still managed to snaffle a few silly selfies.

{Photos by Nats | Gif makin' by me}

I also did some cooking and plied my guest with Lady in Red cocktails (which went down a treat: we have us a new convert, Jos; I see a Babycham-fuelled night in/out up ahead ...):
{Photo by Nats}

but not so many we weren't up and at 'em early on Saturday to do some quality retail therapy before Natalie had to head off home

 and I headed off to celebrate Sis' birthday, belatedly, with All the Food, Prosecco and Silent Rugby (BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!).

Oh, and Nats and I both trialled my new massage cushion:

and I found out what I'd look like with googly eyes. 👀

Kinda the same.


Curtains up, folks, it's time for ... 🌟

This week, I'm very honoured to debut ...

... Mr and Mrs Nobody.

That's right.

Not. One. Submission. To. The. Showcase.

Oh, except for this lovely colourful photograph taken by Ma QB:

... Next fortnight, perhaps?

Send your submissions to me, qb, at

C'mon. Don't be shy.

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

Fortnightly Web Finds 🕸🔎

(Not many, you'll be pleased to read ...)

• Actor, scientist and all-round pinnacle of awesome Mayim Bialik (y'know, TV's Blossom or, more recently, The Big Bang Theory's Amy) on being a scientist with a strong faith | on YouTube | via Jill W

LOADS of pics and gifs of googly eyes on All the Things | because, why wouldn't you? | BoredPanda | via Veronica Dearly on FB

Aaaaand, that's it.

Have fandabbydosy fortnights, everyone. I'm off to rid my head of the "Moby. Moby. Moby. Michael Stipe." song.

qb xx

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