Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunday Summary | Must be the reason why I'm king of my castle

Dear FOQ

Anyone else slightly stunned by the raging ball o' fire up there in the sky? 🌞😎
It's a bit nice, innit. I even went Out in the Sun today; sat in the park for about forty-five minutes with a couple of essentials:

until environmental conditions prevailed (winds got up, coffee kicked in), then sat in the 'garden' (aka the strip of quite well maintained grass separating QB Heights from its communal car park), watching the blossom fall and catching up with two months of Guardian Weekend backlog.

{'Spod in the Sun' Selfie | wearing new sunnies
that make me look like an insect 🐝}
Which is nice.


This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading 📖


My own history will have been rewritten to omit me and my boring reading history by the time I finish this book.

However ... one or two passages have jumped out and screamed, "WOKE!" in my face like some sort of Zeitgeisty Youth with a slippery grip on the grammaz:

Watching 👀

Oh, Netflix, you clearly noted I was reaching the end of the Gilmore girls and their amazing all-encompassing self-involvement at the expense of all others (the original working title, probably) and kindly planted series 2 of Miranda firmly in my sights.

Gary. Gary. And thrice, Gary.

*swoons a bit*

And yes, I binge-watched the whole season in a day and a half (it was only six episodes long but that's really not the point).

But, Gary.

A word, however, on Gg, because, oui, I have watched every single episode now 

and I feel a bit bereft (although I'm about to rewatch the four recent specials so I can go all gooey over slightly-more-mature Luke 

and Kirk, and Jess, who
really grew into himself). 

The original series ended the way it was supposed to.

So ... why spoil it with the end of the four-parter?! Anyway.

I did however appreciate the moment where Rory tells Logan she needs to get changed for Lane's baby shower in the back of the car Dirty Dancing-style. Very self-referential, of course, because:


(I'm a very sad geeky individual, did I mention that?)

Now, if the 'flix would only reinstate the entire series of Buffy I might be a truly happy customer ...

Going for a what-I-call Casu-walk (see what I did there? I punned.) 👣🏰

... to Rahgate to check out the castle grounds last weekend, because, y'know, having lived in the area for more than fourteen years, I had never found the castle grounds.

{... or is it a beautiful butterfly?}
I found 'em.

{That's not them: that's the United Reform Church looking
very stately against the sky}

{Magnolia blooming 💜}

{Steps up to the grounds}

{Peripheral pathway, or one of many}

{Now we're getting somewhere!}


{Reigate from on hei-gate}

{The history bit}

Very pleasant it was too.

Next step: to walk the caves! There are organised tours during the summer – I think it's time I made like The Jam and went Underground ... Who's with me?

And do we need wellies?

Caramelising Onions 😋

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes.

The holy grail of food you never knew how much you loved until you devoted almost an hour to pan-frying stubborn slices of red onion in sugar and balsamic vinegar (because you were slack with the slicing and stingy with the oil).

{Disclaimer: these aren't mine | via here}

I did it.

Oh yes. (From this recipe, fyi – thanks for sending me this one, Natalie!)

And no, I did not slice the onions nearly fine enough first time round because, knives:

but, second time's the charm:

{These are mine. Ohhhh yeah.}

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

Fortnightly Web Finds 🕸🔎

Serious (albeit with a side-serving of silly) 😉

How we made Comic Sans | on | (With the stolen souls of puppies, was it?)

{ARGH! My eeeeeeyeballs! They BURN! | Photo: Cern, via here}
• All hail this dude. I feel a full chorus of a certain Mariah Carey song may be due here:

And then a heeeeero comes along ...

50 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want More Walkable Streets | (well, not everyone; don't feel like we're imposing this on you or anything) (although it would be nice if the pavements in our towns and cities didn't suddenly taper off into nothing ...) | on

Silly 🤡

• I'm not for cats (snooty, fluffy balls of cliché – give me a 🐫any day) but it's hard not to be tickled by this: Man recreates classic film scenes with his cats. LOL | I particularly like Ghost. The tiny pot! | via The Dodo

{@Moviecats | via here and here}

Lionel Richie-themed street embroidery in pictures (Lionel Stitchie, by artist Molly Evans Fox) | and why not? | on

{by Molly Evans Fox | via here}

• 19 Slightly Odd Things Every Fitbit Owner has Done at Some Point | So true on probably about 18 points here! | on BuzzFeed | via Glenda T


• The following link is NSFW*. NSFChildren or for anyone who finds foul-mouthed chefs offensive: John Legend (that silken-voiced little gem of a man) sings The Insults of Gordon Ramsay | on YouTube | via the DailyQuicky:

*Not Suitable for Work

and finally ...

• Mario Wienerdude has done it again with another brilliant Musicless Music Video | Rolling Stones | on YouTube

That's sadly all I've got time for (she says in the manner of a hackneyed telly presenter) but I cannot bid you adieu (so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbyeeee) without giving a big-up to my Jack Fairwomen (Wetherspoons Women of Quality // Babes who Breakfast): Jess, Mimi (honorary Voicerox Lovely), Jenny and Charlie. Always a pleasure to break bread scoff pancakes and bacon with you all.

qb xx

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