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Dear FOQ (especially Jess, because she came looking for a post last week and found nada)

Let me begin by wishing my cousin Abby a very happy 40th birthday! (She's in the midst of trying to set up a school these days; heaven knows where she finds the energy, quite frankly!) 🎂🎈🕯🎉


This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading 📖

1984. The number of days I will probably spend trying to read this book ...

But, appropriately given it's apparently Budget Season, also now reading:

Not convinced I have all the time the author seems to, to cut out coupons and subscribe to all the discount and cashback sites (especially given I've spent the last three weeks trying to unsubscribe from numerous lists I'd forgotten I'd even signed up to not to mention spending quite a long time on Live Chat with TalkTalk, so-named because you have to explain everything to them twice before they Get It) but hey.

I'll give it a go.

Watching 👀

... Seasons Five/Six.

The Logan Years.

I dislike what this smug little scummer has done to the Gilmore girls and the Lorory dynamic.

Look at all the tosses I give about Logan Huntzberger:

Preach, Mariah.

Still. The momentary lapse in Loreluke has been resolved (albeit temporarily because Lorelai is all about Lorelai and is about to break Luke's heart, again, the 🐄) so I'm happy now.

Albeit temporarily.

Oh, Luke. You can be my filthy diner man any time.

... I really just wrote that, didn't I. #knowyouraudience

I also have increasing deals of affection for these two:



With the except of Logan (*spits into the dust*), the Sherman-Palladinos write really, really likeable, human, but likeable male characters.

I approve.

Discovering the Lady in Red 🔴

No, fear ye not, I haven't been indoctrinated into the magic surrounding a certain Chris de Burgh classic (because I already have it on vinyl).

The Lady in Red is (in certain circles) a cocktail comprising – wait for it:
Babycham + Chambord + Apple juice + Soda water
It's the colour of an anaemic flamingo and it tastes sublime.

Trust me on this.

Fangirling 🤓

Talking of ladies in red (or, spuriously, ladies who used to appear on telly sporting iconic red hair):

I was, my friends, in the presence of one GILLIAN freakin' ANDERSON on Friday night.

Let me say that once more:


(on whom I think it's fairly safe to say I've had what common parlance calls a girl-crush since, oh, my twenties. And if the turnout on Friday is anything to go by, I'm not alone in that.)

Friday was the launch-day of WOW (Women of the World), a three-day festival centred at the Southbank Centre (Evie, I hope you enjoyed your day of it too!):

celebrating, well, women of the world, and GA and her friend, broadcaster, writer and journalist Jennifer Nadel (who once stood for leadership of the Green Party, which gives her extra brownie points in my book) were speaking to the Southbank Centre's Artistic Director, Jude Kelly, about their book:

My copy arrived just in time on Friday (!); rather stupidly I'd preordered the paperback which was due to publish on 8th March so come 8th March I was somewhat peeved at its non-arrival 'til I reread the delivery information and realised I'd missed a little detail such as the year (2018). EPIC FAIL. So I hastily ordered the hardback. Which I hardly ever do because, monies.

Anyway, it was worth it. So worth it.

We... is not so much a book on feminism per se as it is a book on solidarity, about caring for ourselves then going out into the world and connecting, not competing, with other human beings. It is rooted in both women's personal life experiences but has a lot to offer any woman wanting to improve the situation they're in, and that we are in as human beings.

{Photo by @southbankcentre on Instagram}

Perhaps I should have been like the slightly bonkers – and wine-fuelled – woman (who got audibly huffy and rightfully so when two small boys in front of us were playing on their iPad and chatting during the discussion... 😠) next to me and taken actual notes, but I wanted to be more 'present' and take it all in. What I took away from the discussion is largely that we need to be OK with ourselves and not try to attain any level of perfection, to speak out and admit that we are human and susceptible to fragility, and connect with other people – other women – who may need that same support network that we do.

It was evident that in spite of their respective careers in the public eye, both GA and Jennifer Nadel were quite private, self-aware people who seemed understandably uncomfortable with that level of public scrutiny although they were both smart and eloquent, and their own fragility and humanity was at the fore as they discussed their personal journeys and their reasons for writing the book.

After the talk, there was the opportunity to get our copies of the book signed, and I cannot describe the amount of excitable fangirling (and hyperventilation) going on around me over the mere idea of Gillian Anderson in the Building. I was out of the auditorium door quite quickly, and made it into the first of the queues into the anteroom to be further surrounded by squeaky fangirls (I managed to keep my composure, just...) in readiness for this:

followed by:

And while she was on a production line (the signing was only due to last an hour), when I said "Thank you" as she signed my book, she looked up and gave me a smile. She freakin' rocks. Girl-crush = justified.

(And she is absolutely tiny in person. Pocket-size.)

Celebrating 🙌🍷😋

... Pa QB's birthday and Early Mother's Day with lunch (all the lunch and no need for supper) at the newly refurbed Home Cottage, our go-to for great grub, with Sis and Sis' boyfriend. (And the parents, natch.) The Home Cottage is the only decent place to eat or drink in my lowly town but that's what makes it more special.

Two glasses of Chilean Merlot, pork belly in the most startlingly beautiful quince jelly:

and a delectable fruit crumble, later and I was fit for absolutely nothing else for the rest of the day (except napping and binge-watching Gg).

But 'twas so nice to catch up with La Famille. So much love in the room, as these photos will demonstrate...


Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

Fortnightly Web Finds 🕸🔎


• (ish) The transcendent legacy of Buffy | Anthony Stewart Head for The Guardian

Also featured on: The Pool


• Man makes tiny hats for the toad that visits his porch | on The Dodo

{photograph by Chris Newsome via here

Nicole Kidman being all silly and goofy and human (because the whole commentary on the way she was clapping at the Oscars was just mean and unnecessary) | on YouTube | via Debra G

• Ode to women who wear their sports gear everywhere | by SkitBox on YouTube | via Georgina (I think?!)

• Everything looks better with a face on it | on The Lad Bible & YouTube | via Clarey McClareyson (thank you!)

On that note, I'm signing off but, have splendiferous fortnights, everyone.

qb xx

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