Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday Summary | Love is a ring, the telephone ...

Dear FOQ 🙋

This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading 📖

I really wanted to enjoy this more but there was a whacking great Coincidence towards the end of the book involving the eponymous Melody Black, who incidentally was not introduced into the story nearly early enough to make any great impact. Still, to his credit, Extence writes women very well and I still rate him as an author even if this novel lacked the emotional impact of The Universe versus Alex Woods.

Now onto:


But also still rocking out to:

I'll admit that this Girl from Tonbridge took Serious Umbrage (see what I did there?) at Freeman's discrediting of Love Actually (Love actually is all around, Hadley, mmmkay?).

And I can never watch John Hughes' Sixteen Candles in the same light again now that Freeman has rightly pointed out the seriously creepy date-rape undertones in the film ('perfect' but troubled and drunk It Girl Caroline is considered an object to be violated by both Jake, the hunky hero on campus, and the Geek). So awkward. So so awkward. I used to love Jake Ryan. (Well, Michael Schoeffling, anyway. Just look at that face:


*swoons like a giddy teen in no facet of real life ever*)

But Freeman scored all the points yet again by mentioning Return to Oz  as 'the true maverick's choice' when folk are asked for their favourite films.

We could have been great friends in the 80s, she and I.

Watching 👀

Oy with the Gilmore girls already!

And yes, I fully embrace the assertion that my binge-watching of This Series and This Series Only at One Time is probably symptomatic of something. Not sure what, but something.

My mummy says I'm special. 🤓

So, Season 4 thoughts:
  • I do not have any time for Jason Stiles. He's a foul little man and Lorelai is a cotton-headed ninnymuggins for getting caught up with him just to spite her mother.
  • Both Lorelai and Rory need to reconsider that Not Everything is About Them.
  • Luke deserves so much more. I'd marry him (and not on a cruise, and not only for a day). And he could even wear that backwards baseball cap and invite Kiefer Sutherland to the wedding (a distraction I'd just have to deal with 😉). I still would.
{The words every girl longs to hear.}
  • Paris is always a good idea.

  • Kelly Bishop Kills It in Every. Single. Episode. I properly love her. Emily Gilmore for President.
  • And no, I know. These characters aren't real. But I adore them anyway. Given a choice between The Real World and Stars Hollow at present, I know which I'd choose.
  • But only if I can also take Kirk home with me as a pet.

Getting published 📗

 ... in Country Walking magazine (February edition).

With thanks to Anne C for her eagle-eyed spotting of both my and friend Ellen's names in print in the same magazine:

I shan't mention the fact I've had no time or energy for a big cahuna walk lately ... I'm such a fraud.

Going to see/hear ... 🎹

The Derek Paravicini Quartet in Concert

[Oh, Blogger, you mammoth loser. In spite of my hitting the Save button every few minutes, this loseroid interface managed to lose everything I'd drafted from Friday night onwards. Including my original 'review' of this epic concert.]

I cannot even.

Anyway. My original review went along these lines:

Have you ever had expectations for an event, only to have them smashed and exceeded and cranked up to 11? The Derek Paravicini Quartet, comprised of Derek himself (on piano, and more about him in a moment), Ben Holder (a violinist par excellence), Ollie Howell (a drummer with exquisite sympathy for volume and timbre) and Hannah Davey on sultry jazzy vocals did that. Yep.

They blew me away. My Fitbit tally tripled from all the toe-tapping. And clapping. (Actually mostly the clapping. I should look into why it did that.)

This footage is not from the concert but was the opening number and gives you a good idea of the quality of performance throughout the evening:

Derek, who is blind and has autism, is a pianist with a rare relationship and symbiosis with the instrument that most musicians can only aspire to. He has a particular passion and talent for jazz, and his Joplin rags are so energetic you feel like you need a lie-down directly afterwards.

As a quartet, these four musicians, all uniquely talented in their own rights, are tight. They are sensitive to each other, and throughout the set they each stepped down to let one of the other musicians take the lead; and watching Derek and Ben play together with enormous passion and at great speed, it was a shock that actual steam didn't start rising from their instruments.

The requests part of the programme however, was Derek's opportunity to demonstrate his ability to play any piece as requested, and turn it on its head, improvise on the theme, then pare it back to its musical bones as if he had written the piece itself.


'Twas a pleasure to share the experience with: AJ (who kindly bought the tickets), Russ, Anne (second mention of the week!), Jill and Celia – and was also a Brucie Bonus to bump into 'The' Jude O'Connell during the interval.

Releasing the Rock Chick within* 🎤

(*So that's what's been making me look like such a porker lately: the fact I've been carrying the essence of Patti Smith around with me. Not my penchant for doughnuts and fruit toast, noooo.)

{Food baby duly edited out because, vanity}
On Saturday night, keen to continue the theme of surrounding oneself with excellent music (and failing that, hitting up a social club and bringing the excellence with us), a small gang of us gathered for a night of karaoke.

Namecheck o'clock:

Alun (who did a rather magnificent turn with Man for all Seasons by Robbie Williams)

Dan (who gets money for nothing and his chicks for free)

(Our duet of Joyride by Roxette is possibly something we won't be reenacting any time soon. Very hard song to sing.)

Glenda (who completely owned True Colours)

and last but by no means least 'cos I'm working through the names alphabetically, innit?

Jos (who heard it through the grapevine ... how much longer will you be mine)

Me? I decided that pop and musicals are so passé on the karaoke circuit and opted to channel my inner rock chick with a lil' bit o' Patti Smith Group, and Because the Night.

And actually I did not suck. Go me!

I might need to work on my rilly rilly high notes if I'm ever going to attempt Skunk Anansie, Brazen, again but hey, I've been workin' on my rock chick stance instead (whilst looking like I'm about to ride to glory on a frontrunner at the 2.15 at Newmarket – giddy up!):

{#Why don't you weeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeep...??!#}

No Weblinks this week on account of having little to no time to Internet.

Oh, except for some online shopping, a complete reassignment/migration of nearly all my emails (!), an exciting near-future booking (all will be revealed in the next post ...) – and the occasional foray into Pinterest of course, ergo:

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

And ... that's about all we have time for this fortnight, folks.

Keep on keeping it real.

qb xx

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