Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Summary | Do you wanna build a snowmaaaan? ...

Dear FOQ

How are we all? Warm enough? I'll admit that snap of snow threw me reet off; especially since I rocked up at QB Heights Senior Division looking like this on Thursday night:

Good job I didn't walk, right?

I would like to give a shout out at this juncture to my magnificent work mates.

A year ago today I came into the hallowed SP offices for my second interview (in spite of the trains playing silly b*ggers as they also did on my way to my first interview!) ... and they haven't been able to get rid of me.

Train traumas aside, I have had a magnificent near-year, and I've never laughed so much as I have in the last ten months. I suspect nobody outside Team SP will understand the 'bantz' or appreciate the expressions or quotes that have us all roaring or squeaking with laughter:

but it has kept me going when actually getting to and from work has turned me into Queen Grumpy Pants.

Big loads of Feeder Food on Fat Fridays to you all.



This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading 📖

Not my usual reading fare, I'll admit; and I'm slightly embarrassed to say I received this as a gift from friends absolutely years ago, and it's signed by the author. And until I've read everything currently residing on my shelves, I don't feel I can warrant buying new books.

{I'm sort of appalled by the lack of upper-case 'I' in the caption but there we go}

... IKR?

OK, so if I find myself in Foyles I might have to let that resolution slip. When might I possibly find myself in Foyles, eh, Katerina, Eloise, Evie and Clare? 😍📚

Watching 📺📀

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Kate Hudson is so out-there and quirky in this film that you can almost forgive it a) its soundtrack which has been lifted right off the back of Dawson's Creek (it's very of-its-time), and b) the barely veiled objectification at play in this film. I suppose the clue is in the name. But anyway.

It's still enjoyable though, especially when Andie decides that a caterwauled rendition of 'You're So Vain' is the way to wreak vengeance on Matthew McConnaughey's character.

Kill 'em with song, girl.

I Ought to Be in Pictures

... which I'd been waiting to see since, oh, about 1993, when I learned of its existence through the hallowed tome that is/was Leonard Maltin's brick of a film guide:

over which I pored for hours – HOURS – in order to make up the ultimate list of Other Films That People from Grease Had Been In Ergo I Had to Track Them Down or Else ... (I really didn't get out much; plus, this was in the Days Before IMDB.)

Based on the Neil Simon play, it's about a seemingly spunky teenager, Libby, heading to Hollywood to get into The Pictures (as the old folk say), but also tracking down her absent father Herbert.

Check out Dinah "Marty from Grease" Manoff (whom you might remember from this post) being all adorbs (she won a Tony for her performance in the play):

(Music, incidentally, by Marvin Hamlisch, who makes a cameo in, er, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I don't plan these things.).

Was well worth a 24-year-wait. 😀

The Fall – Season Three


You know when you watch something that isn't that great and yet, yet, you get drawn in to it to the point whereby it actually infiltrates your dreams? 

(That dream I had where Phil Spector 

... sorry, Paul Spector

was taking out his victims in daylight, in front of Stella Gibson ... with a pair of my b@d@$$ earrings? That was priceless. Well done, my damaged brain.)

Season Three did that. Oh the joys of binge-watching:

{The Box Set Bore | via here}

But tell me one thing, did Gillian Anderson have a particularly voracious strain of laryngitis all the way through the series, or was it a character thing?! 

{"Dr Wallander? It'sh my throat..."}
Had she been strangled at some point at the end of Season Two and I'd just forgotten?!


I watched this quite late last night and in a rare departure for me, I preferred the film to the book.

I know! Shocking!

I have a feeling quite a lot was culled, and a couple of instances of conflict were omitted but this just made for a truly sweet film. Saoirse Ronan is one of those actors who is infinitely watchable (much like Carey Mulligan); and who wouldn't want to marry Tony on the spot? If only for his smart little brother?!

Julie Walters did verge into 'Father Ted'/Mrs Doyle territory at times with her take on the landlady but I rather enjoyed that, and she softened the landlady's edges quite considerably.

Worth a watch.

Walking 👣

Why yes, FOQ, I have committed to a walking challenge! But this is one with a difference: I won't be pleading for sponsorship (well, not yet anyway) – in the spirit of getting my stumpy self moving again I've pledged to walk 1,000 miles this year. So far I've clocked up ... 20. But we're only on the fifteenth day of the year so there's time yet.

Read more here.

Massive thanks to Natalie for sending me the link (and high-fives to Cousin Jo and to Ellen for joining the scheme as well).

Here's a delightful montage of shots from my Bank Holiday Monday Walk, during which my phone gave out, like a massive loser, though I suspect, given that it's since come back to life and seems to be fine, it was just cold. Well, aren't we all? Suck it up, Samsung.

Cooking from scratch

Check me out, adhering to my first Promise of 2017 already!

I present:

Tagliatelle with Tuna (cooked in the slow cooker for two hours)

{It definitely tasted less grey than it looks. 😋}

Closely followed by:

Tomato and lentil soup

I may or may not have bought a second, larger-capacity slow cooker in the Sainso sale which was just as well since I made enough soup for four and it was at risk of not fitting into the original slow cooker. Fortuitous, eh?! Behold, the before and after shots.


Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

{Will you just look at the marquee light? Please? 💓}

Fortnightly Web Finds 🕸
  • Yoga for Book Lovers | from SfEP {Society for Editors and Proofreaders} on FB via Quirk Books [how apt!] | via Jill W

Well, that's almost that for now ... Stay warm, safe and upright (it's probably icy out there).

Oh but wait! Massive congratulations are due to my amazing friends Fiona and Bianka who are now proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! And will now probably not get any sleep until ... the year 2033.

And finally, I'm sending out massive hugs and lots of love to Cousin Jo this week.

qb xx

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