Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Sunday Summary Wednesday Witterings | Bring me flesh and bring me wine. But hold the pine logs thither.

Dear FOQ 💜

So that was Christmas ... 🎄

and what did you do? 🦃

I'll tell you what I did. In fact, being the generous soul I am, I'll extend this to a report of my entire last two weeks.

Christmas really is all about giving, right? 🎁

This fortnight, I have mostly been:

Watching 📀📺

Home Alone

My face, watching the scene with Kevin and the old chap in the church:

This one particularly Christmassy episode of My So-Called Life ('So-Called Angels'):

Animal Attraction (Someone Like You in the US)

Oh, Hugh Jackman. Why must you be such a beautiful specimen of humankind?

The Coroner

... with thanks to Ma QB for letting me binge-watch this season's episodes on iPlayer. They are a treat. (I do love the scenery...)

{It's HOPE COVE! | via here}

Series Two trailer is here. For interested parties.

Finding Dory

Why yes, I do get slightly moist of eye over animated fish trying to remember to find their parents.


Oddly, I haven't felt the same compulsion this year to insist on watching the usual set of Christmas films: The Snowman, ElfNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Santa Claus ... but maybe that's because I haven't needed to evoke the Christmas spirit through film; it has come, this year, quite naturally. 

Especially when I finally had time to decorate QB Heights, with a little help from Perry Como, purveyor of our unofficial office Christmas earworm:

Catching up with this righteous beauty 💖

Ms Charlie, and the marvellous Sir Al, for Toby Carvery goodness (trains and sleep deprivation be damned; it'd been too ruddy long).

We had a right royal catch-up, then ate All the Food (except the desserts, which proved that the struggle to eat All the Things was actually a little bit real), before surrendering to sheer exhaustion and heading on home.

(I have Charlie's magnificent Airbrush app to thank for me looking significantly less haggard than usual, with eyebrows that look on-point not off-duty.)

{Photo by Charlie}
Getting my hair did ✀

Like, really did:

Über-short, the whole snip-snap-shebang:

{Photo – and yes, hair – by freya}
and in spite of reservations dating back 20 years (let me refresh your memory):

I love it. LOVE it.

Some say pixie.

I say, well, look at that face. THE NOSE.

That's no pixie. That's a gnome, my friend.

But I love it. My (now mobile) hairdresser, the amazing Ms Freya, is a hair-stylin' rockstar.

Srsly tho ... where did all of this come from?!

Entering the party spirit

... with not one but two parties! I missed the work shenans due to a calendar conflict, but I made up for it by rocking on down to the annual Ladies of the Parish Christmas dinner at the church hall. Not many photos exist (because I was too busy eating and gas-bagging to take many) but the food was amazing and the company exquisite.

Let's just have a moment for Tryfana's superlative Christmas Tree meringue dessert, which featured a macaron trunk, pomegranate seeds and a little lebkuchen for good measure!

The second such party (which, er, actually happened the night before the Ladies' Soirée), involved me and Ma QB rocking up in matching 'Prosecc ho ho ho' sweaters, and the assembled company playing carols ... with kazoos.

A small excerpt to whet your whistle:

With many thanks to our marvellous hostess with the mostest (and the missing game card), Jan!

Doing Christmas the QB Way 🎅

{Gift-wrapping, as seen on Pinterest. Nailed it, sort of!}

Do we have time for a video montage?

Oh, I think we do.

This year's most featured quirk: those face beer mats. They're special. So special.

With thanks due to Ma and Pa QB, Sis and Ceri.

It's been fabbo.

Finally ... animating!

'Tis done!

Watch it here. If you haven't already.
And if not ...

... why not?

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight 📌

You know the drill:

Web Find of the Fortnight 🖧

(Because sometimes just one is enough.)
  • This little girl singing a child-friendly Christmas version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah has gone viral, and for good reason. What a voice!

Well, that's it, really. But join me in 2017 when I'll probably be getting all philosophical and making resolutions without any clear parameters so I feel no self-imposed obligation to keep them.

Here's to a New Year that proves to be an improvement on this one.

qb xx

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