Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sunday Summary | So this is Christmas ... and what have you done?

Well, John and Yoko, let me tell you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Dear FOQ 🎅🎄

It's been a festive couple of weeks, and apart from the fact that my Current Mood is This:

I'm beginning to feel a lot like:

although today alone has been spent compartmentalising my time into half-hour slots for housework/blogging/badge-making/wrapping

followed by ... eating our decimated gingerbread house/pouring coffee/forgetting where I put the coffee/finding the coffee/drinking the cold coffee anyway/mulling wine at 5pm because it's 6pm in Sweden ...

It's a struggle that is real but I'm getting there!

So, this fortnight I have mostly been:

Reading 📖

(Re)Watching 📼📀

This masterpiece:

That would be Staying Alive (guilty pleasures abound), with my Lovelies, Jess and Fiona (Glenda was there in spirit! "What, you got emotional problems tonight?" 💓), round Jess' gaff, where there was magnificent company and splendiferous curry.

And much critiquing of the choreography ("oh look, she's leaping again!" "Isn't that the same routine from the last show?"), dialogue ("Everybody uses everybody. Don't they!"), Jackie's stupidity in constantly taking Tony back even though he treated her appallingly; and the exquisite fashions of the film ("seriously, who dances in a beret?!"), which clearly inspired my own styling in later years:

{QB, Christmas 1987}
Hot diggity dog I was cool.
What the heck happened?

[And yes. The trailer features dialogue that definitely wasn't in the film. Trust me. I've seen it too many times. I know.]

Also (re)watching

Les Miserables (festive, no?)

{Life goals: this sort of declaration, please.}
{Ooh, well, Harry, if you're passing Paperchase anyway I will have a box of
random feathery flamingos and maybe a set of fluoro Post-its, thankseverso.}

Love Actually 

Plus a monumentally excellent if deliciously dated episode of Drop the Dead Donkey:

Hosting 🛏🍹

Ms Caroline who dropped in from faraway Swindon Sweden for a few days. And very gamely came to choir practice with me on Thursday night.

On Friday, I had a day off so Caroline and I braved the train to Croydon and back, for a spot o' shopping. We've got this shopping thing down to a fine art now: we separate, shop (or in my case go into shops, spend twenty frickin' minutes looking for the one thing I actually want, find it, find it's too frickin' small – size four?! I haven't fit a size four since I was four and yes a lovely Primark employee went to see if they had a size ten flamingo jumper but alas ... – cry inside a bit, then leave)

{but it's OK because my megastar workmate Inger found me one in my size in Lakeside, WOOOOOOOHOOOO!}
{Curious book placement, spotted in WHS}
then we meet up, have a fika (coffee and snackage), shop some more, separate, meet up, have another fika ... catch a train home, separate, shop a little more (all the while ogling tempting little nuggets like these):

It's a talent, my friends.

And even though the trains were not that bad (well, we were travelling at non-crucial times), we still decided to reward ourselves that evening for managing to travel from A to B and back again plus all the shop-trogging, with a cosmopolitan mix (which had flown all the way from Gotland), popcorn and the all-essential Everest Spice (which is a necessity when Caroline is in town!).

And Les Miserables. 😭

(Gemma B, if you're reading this, I am still grinning at 'wobble wobble snot snot' in reference to Le Redmayne.)

On Saturday I stayed at home to tackle the bulk of the wrapping (!) while Caroline, er, shopped (she's a professional, I tell you), then after lunch and – you guessed it, more shopping – we shimmied round to the abode of Fiona and Bianka for the Annual Gingerbread Galore-fest! 🍬

Much sugar was inhaled, much mulled wine quaffed (by me ... hence my slightly wibbly attempts at house construction, which Caroline had to take in hand), and we actually made a house that stood up, if not out!

The theme was Alice in Wonderland and there were some delightful – and dark – interpretations happening! Not that I'm not proud of my marshmallow pig-baby, mind.

{Photo by Caroline}

{Photo by Caroline}

Many, many thanks to the hostesses, Fiona and Bianka, who kept us all sugared and mulled up to the eyeballs! You ladies are awesome.

{These last three photos by Bianka}
Massive big-ups also due to Ellen and C for bringing their A-game, and a festive, sugary holler to Jos, Steve, Fern, Amber and Finn!

Caroline and I were craving leaves and savouries by the time we got home so I served up marinated salmon fillets in sweet chilli sauce with very al dente steamed veg (!) and couscous, and we put off the diabetes risk for a few days at least.

Making crumble 🍏

... with some delicious apples

{Crumbled, actually; thanks for asking there, Matt.}
from workmate Maz's garden.

Having not made crumble in ages I was a bit rusty (plus I managed to hack into my finger with the apple peeler so, obligatory kitchen injury of the fortnight: sustained) but it wasn't harf bad.

Go me.

Animating 📹

{The question remains, who let the goat in? Who? Who? Who? Who?}

Pinterest Pin of the Fortnight 📌 

{Have had no time this fortnight to curate enough pins for the usual double-act so here's one for your enjoyment:)

{Make homemade Irish cream!}

Fortnightly Web Finds 💻
  • She's just bein' Miley | Miley Cyrus brings her country roots to the already amazing a capella 'Jolene' with Dolly Parton and Pentatonix | on The Voice US | via YouTube (with thanks to Emily!) 

  • These siblings (eight of them! Eight! Who has that sort of time?!) put together an amazing Christmas dance every year | on YouTube via HeartEternal | with thanks to Glenda for sharing (Ma QB, check out that moment at 1m53secs where they perform my second-favourite dance step ever!)

Well, the next post I make will be, er, probably not on Christmas Day truth be told, but Boxing Day Monday, if you've been very, very good.

So it remains for me to wish all my readers (all four of you) a very Quirky Christmas!

I hope it's a good one, without any fear.

qb xx

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