Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday Summary | I have a pen ... I have a' apple ...

Dear FOQ

Y'know when you've been super-busy yet you feel you have nothing to show for it but eye-bags and the need to hide in your hoodie for the majority of the day?


Recently it's been all I can do to get home and stay conscious for the evening. I don't know what it is: change in weather, daily stress about whether or not the chuffing trains will deign to run that day, work being constantly, constantly busy (albeit fabulous), trying to finish laying out and proofreading a history of the church, trying to organise (or delegate the organisation of) a 1960s-themed disco ... but I'm just TATT. (Tired All the Time.)

So, this is a fairly lite Summary, je regrette, but fear not, I'll have a lot more to report in a couple of weeks.


This fortnight, I have mostly been simu-reading:


which I finished on Thursday night with a resounding ... meh.

Oh, LG.

You could have done with a much, much better editor. One who acknowledged that you can't just peddle exquisitely detailed anecdotes on one hand, and skip entire periods of time on the other.


Green Wing

and giving The Book Group (2002) a chance even though Clare, the 'lead character', is unbelievably annoying.

So imagine my surprise/alarm/mild annoyance when I worked out that Hugely Annoying Clare

is the Hugely Annoying Dead/Vicodin Ghost Doctor Amber, aka Cutthroat Bitch, from House.


All4, though. Great for when you're temporarily divorced from Netflix, and legally verboten from watching the Beeb.

Also watching Plus One (from some eight years ago on Channel 4, and on DVD)

Natalie and I versed ourselves in the first three episodes on Friday night, and I have to say, I was greatly tickled. (The Archers I'd consumed prior to watching may well have helped but what's not to love about a series that involves Duncan from Blue parodying himself?)

The series focuses on Rob, whose girlfriend ditches him to run off and marry aforementioned Duncan from Blue, and is then invited to their wedding – hence the need to invite an impressive Plus One to bring along. Each episode focuses on a new, and often failed, attempt by Rob to find that Plus One.

Witness our hero busting some serious moves under instruction from another pop star of the moment mid-to-late 00s Jamelia:

(And pardon the language right at the beginning ...)


... to rid this song from my brain (but admittedly not very hard because it's annoyingly catchy):

Scroll down to enjoy a truly Special Tribute to this song later on in the post ...

Hanging Out with the Bestest

... and other reprobate activities.

Last Friday night this excellent person came over for one of our now renowned 'sleepovers':

As is our wont, we stocked up on the essentials (nachos, cocktail ingredients):

and then settled in for a civilised evening of entertainment.

Which, roughly translated, means we didn't even get as far as inside my flat after our little shopping excursion before the Malibu and Archers cocktails-in-a-can came out.

But if I don't post photos of us drinking cocktails like tramps on a bench outside Co-op then It Clearly Didn't Happen. You get me?

Fast forward to ...

{Check out that scar on my left arm. Ironing did that. Evil ironing.}

{Eclairs. This also happened.}
And after a cheeky can and a half of Malibu for her

and another Archers and lemonade for me, it seemed like The Best Idea in the World to pay tribute to the aforementioned catchy song, PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen).

So (after a few takes and outtakes as we are nothing if not perfectionists)

here is the final edit for your enjoyment:

This was closely followed by what I can only describe as a performance de force par moi of Wrecking Ball (lip-synced, you'll be glad to hear).

But since the video is more indulgent than those eclairs you saw us scoffing earlier, it may never see the light of day.

Count yourselves lucky.

And then came dancing.

Including a particularly fervent interpretation of 'You Think You're a Man (but you're only a boy)'.

During which I managed to elbow Natalie rather squarely in the collarbone.

... Thus ended the dancing.

(Sorry, Natalie.)

The following morning, we woke (I had to peel myself from the floor after the airbed deflated underneath me), made ourselves purty and headed into town for our also now renowned post-sleepover Greasy Spoon Fry-Up.

A little tour round the shopping centre later (and can we please just have a moment for this work of art ... next to this painting?)

before Natalie had to head home to resume responsibilities as an adult. Albeit with a sore collarbone after some flailing idiot with pointy elbows maimed her in an ill-thought-out dance move ... oh.

(Love oo.)

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight

Well, in spite of having painfully little time to Pin these days, and the time I have spent Pinning has also been spent informing the Powers that Be Pinterest that I JUST DON'T LIKE ADS SO STOP FREAKIN' SHOWING ME ADS ... I've just exceeded my 7k pin quota.

Not sure if that's indicative of something good, or just a bit sad. Anyway. Here are this fortnight's Pick of the Pins:

One verbal ♦ One visual

Fortnightly Web Finds

Just a couple as I haven't got the energy to curate all my saved links this week (I'm sure you're secretly cheering):

And finally ...
  • Flamingo does Flashdance | on Vine

'Fraid you will have to wait a little longer than the allotted fortnight for the next missive as I am orff for a much-needed 'oliday (ideally off-grid ...) but at least I shall have more blogfodder to share upon my return!

But before I sign orff, may I wish my loverly loverly Ma QB a very happy boifday for tomorrow! HAPPY BOIFDAY, MA QB! xxxxx

And Charlie, all the very best for tomorrow. You will be amazing. Natch. xxxx

qb xx

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