Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Summary | Wake me up before you go-go, don't leave me hanging on like a ... sohhhlo...*

* Name the film from which this mis-quote comes. Dare ya!

Dear FOQ

First and most importantly of all, I can't let today's post go by without wishing this total utter beauty, Natalie, my bestest:


The lucky lady is currently in Bella Italia, (the country, not the restaurant, for the record) celebrating, but if you know her (or in fact, even if you don't), give her a massive birthday big-up via the QB Wall, won'tcha?

I've rallied together some of our famous friends to wish young Natalie a happy birthday in gif format as is my wont – scroll down for the full effect:

(**She's 21.)


In all honesty, give or take one or two human interactions outside work, it's been a very quiet fortnight. So this is Sunday Summary – Ultra-Lite edition. Enjoy. In a truncated stylee.

This fortnight, I have mostly been ...


{Thanks, Evie!}
Love this cover.

Brain capacity this last fortnight, or lack thereof, has meant less reading has happened than I would like. I'll work on that.


Black Books

{Something about Bernard Black just ... appeals to me. Filth 'n' all.}

Also rewatching The Artist. Because it's splendid. Case in point: everything Bérénice Bejo wears in this film. Just. Freakin'. Fabulous.

Oh and ... sneaking a look at series two of:

{Smoulder smoulder ...}


Which, Kate O, you're quite right, makes no sense if you've not watched series one. But it's worth it. I promise.

Picking the mint out of my mojito

... in the excellent company of my work girls, Chloe, Emily and Megan.

Started in the Barn again to take full advantage of Curly Fry-day:

then on to 'Spoons once more. For pitchers and pictures ...

... So much mojito.
Too much mojito.


... And, thanks to Emily:

Discovering Snapchat filters

Boomerang videos are so three weeks ago (read: I'm lacking loop-video inspiration at the mo).

This is the new thing now.

Behold. And be a little afraid.

Since life lately (read: work – many photoshoots, many travel fails) seems to have left me tending towards hermitdom, I want to at least give a massive and overdue big-up to my Lovelies for keeping me virtual company by way of WhatsApp, and for inviting me out even if I decide that actually I just want to ... not.

So, name checks due to:

Charlie, Norgstar, Jos, Dan, Pete, Alun, Glenda and Jess.

Just for being you.

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight

One verbal ♦ one visual

{This. Exactly this.}

Fortnightly Web Finds


... Yeah, I got nuthin'.


... Yeah, I got ... one. Well, two, but from the same source. Does that count?
  • I will never tire of Mario Wienerroither's music-less/re-sounded videos. These two are the latest finds – with massive thanks to Norgstar for the second one!:

Well, that's all for this fortnight's missive.

Join me in two weeks when I shall – SPOILER ALERT – mostly have partied with the birthday girl (hopefully), sung for an former Archbishop (hopefully), got my hair did (hopefully) and will be buzzing from seeing one of my musical icons in concert (again, hopefully).

Until the next ... Stay sparkly and full of disco fever.

qb xx

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