Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sunday Summary | Is today the day?

Dear FOQ

How are we all?

I've lost track of when I'm due to post so here's a short interim post as I really have done very little of note for roughly two weeks since getting back from Greece (apart from take a very long time to consolidate Greece into a then-late-running post ... wh'evs, anyway).

Unlike my excellent cousin Jo, who jolked (jogged and walked) 50km yesterday in 11h 38, in the London 2 Cambridge Challenge, raising money for the Woodland Trust!


(Not that it's all about me – OK, this blog implicitly is – but I think it's safe to say this sort of madness may well be a genetic thing!)

{Gatsby, he be impressed.}

This fortnight, I have mostly been ...


I'm still feeling a little meh about this book at the moment but that's largely because I haven't properly committed to it.

But also because I find myself wondering if, when Annie Proulx was writing the MS into Word, it kept flagging up all the incomplete sentences she keeps dropping in ...



Notably the series finale to S4.

I'm still a little bit broken by it.

If you've watched it, you'll know why.

Thankfully, as a well-timed panacea, Netflix UK has added this delight to its portfolio:

{Gilmore girls}

so I can pick up where I left off when I lost my (probably illegitimate) connection to the US channel. Now if they would only add CSI:NY or Grey's to the UK menu ...

Catching up with my Charliepops

... because it'd been too long, and the world was bang out of order and needed us, and coffee, and J20, and chips, and mac 'n' cheese

in order to be set right.

We had a lovely long natter at 51 Degrees North in Horley, a very nice little place next-door to Costa.

Something seems to be missing from Charlie's tea cup though ...

Hope to see you again soon, lovely. And with a handle on yer cup next time. (It may have been a finger bowl in another life. Just sayin'.)

Oh, just ... getting Followed on Twitter by ....

... this legendary woman:

This one.

Still cannot even. I guess that's what happens when you start Following Spike on Twitter too. Dru gets jelz.

... I should really start Tweeting about something other than train fails, right? Right.

But seriously, I've not been this Twitterpated since this moment:

{I'm So. Darn. Slick.}

Fortnightly Web Finds
{Lucia Litman  | via here}

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight

Well, that's all from me for now except to say, be good to one another.

qb xx

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