Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday Summary | Padded, for your comfort

Dear FOQ

Thank you for appreciating/acknowledging/only silently begrudging my no-show last week. I promise to at least try to pad this week's Fortnightly Fun Sunday Summary out with sufficient GIFs to sate your appetites, you lovelies, you.

For those curious folk among you (er, put yer hand up there at the back, luv), the obscuro lyric was from the seminal and laughably 'seasonal' Let Me Take You There by queen of the 90s bubblegum pop, Betty Boo.

Betty who now?

Let me refresh your memory ...


Doin' the Do?
Where Are You Baby? (... "We used to haa-aave so much fun. You drive me crazy ... somebody tell me where he's gawn ...")


... Never mind; you're probably too young or too hip to remember her anyway. Moving on.


This fortnight, I have mostly been ...


Finished it, finally. It didn't 'arf drag towards the end.

Or perhaps I just took too long to read it; the magic dissipated. (Sorry, Evie, I've dampened the anticipation a bit there, haven't I...)

I was one of those books where I'm sure there's something deep to it, but I'm really not bright enough to glean it. Still. Fowler is an exquisite writer, and there's a reason We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves was a literary triumph.

I've moved on to something I'll pretend to be able to read quite quickly:


{The Big Bang Theory}
and having a smug chuckle at this in-joke:

{Ew. Comic Sans. Cringe.}



After an attempt to find this film on Netflix failed:

(it was on there, now it's not ... what's with the arbitrary removal of films and series, Netflix? A warning might be nice ...)

I happened upon Jane the Virgin

which is quite entertaining though didn't really hold my interest the way TBBT does ...

Self-led uke-teaching

"While the parents are away, QB will play ..."

{If it's good enough for Gosling ...}
A couple of weeks ago, I holed up at QB Heights, Senior Division, to keep an eye on the feathery deviants I call my 'sisters', Ginger and Violet, while the Seniors were away.

I took the opportunity to bombard their neighbours with my earnest if just a bit ropey piano-playing of Selections from Les Mis in the Key of C along with The Only Bit of Send in the Clowns I Can Now Remember How to Play ...

but also to break out the uke and the chord book. And this dozy face. (Life goal: work on photo faces)

I decided that attempting to play this rather beautiful song was a good idea:

And y'know what? It actually was.

I'm beginning to understand the wonderment that is Joni Mitchell, properly.

Maybe it's a 'maturity' thing. Or maybe I've just got wise to her infinite talent.

Rebuilding my tech life

The old laptop gave me yet another scare last Saturday morning when it went into some sort of coma state and would not wake up. All we wanted was to crank up this tune:

but no, the floptop was not having it.

Two trips down to the techy market stall later, and eventually, of its own volition, the wretched thing resurrected.


I didn't believe it possible, but 'twas the Decree of Wise Pa QB to Have Faith and plug it back in again.

Just in cases.

Et voila. And it has actually stayed largely functional since then. But this QB is taking no chances.

Me 'poot' is me livelihood, more or less. (#firstworldproblemiknow)

And Pinterest is sub-par on all other platforms, let's be honest now.

I write this on a sexy new laptop that actually functions on Windows 10 {I know, right?!} ...

{This baby, from Ar-goose}

... even if it's deprived me of Windows Movie Maker (no longer compatible?! What?!), so those Christmas animations will need a new creation platform soonest or my army (tiny band) of followers will be pulling this face come 24th December:

{Jenna Marbles | via here}
I've got my beady eye on this package:

I've managed to transfer the majority of my life's wafflings onto the new computer, although in the process, I have somehow sacrificed/deposited into the ether:
  1. 1 x folder of old work admin. Like a tw@t.
  2. 1 x folder of blog-related files (tho' I can't even remember what was in that folder apart from the logo files which I've since downloaded from, er, the blog, so, no biggie, really). Like a wally.
  3. 1 x folder of my own GIFs which I'm a little bit annoyed about but ... being the caring, sharing type (!) I've doubtless uploaded most of them onto the blog anyway. Like a spod.
So all is, literally, not lost.

And the new machine goes like the clappers.

That 8GB of RAM (sorry, Chandler, times have moved on ...)?


(BIG thanks to Natalie for all her recommendations on what to look for in a new computer. Oh and also for talking me down from an epic 'oh-crap-my-computer's-died-and-I-have-stuff-to-do-on-it' meltdown.)

Speaking of which, yes, I have also been ...

Hanging out with my bestest

I do believe these photos tell you all you need to know about the shenanigans, tomfoolery and general monkeyshines that went on Last Friday Night.

The WooWoos made me do it.

Whatever 'it' was.

(The WooWoos were probably responsible for me pouring just a little too much chocolate sponge mix onto the waffle maker. Let us never talk about the resultant brown oozing and epic mess on the kitchen floor again.)

{Why, my cocktail waitress is a bit fruity!}
{9.30pm and I was already on the floor ... | or just posing, or wh'evs ...}
I'd just like a quick moment for my "bada$$ chain earring" here sported.

 I've been Pinning photos of these weird little fads-in-jewellery for a while now:


Admittedly, there's something a little 'ick' about the whole concept of running a chain from one piercing to another, but I think that's possibly what I like. The slight 'gross-out' factor.

I finally managed to find some online at a very, very, very reasonable price (£6.40 for two pairs) on Ali Express -- if you've not cottoned onto this shopping service, it's brilliant. Yet another tip-off from the Omniscient Ginger Source of All Wisdom (that'll be Natalie again!).

So that be what those are. My bada$$ chain earrings. To be worn with buttoned-up cardigans and sensible shoes for that full-on sartorial contradiction.

Right, back to the partaaaaay:

{Spot the photobombing bee ...}

{We coined this word. Yep.}
{"Show my location?" Er, OK, ... ON THE FLOOR.}
{This is what happens when you overfill the
waffle maker. Oopsy.}
{My guest didn't seem to mind, mind.}
{Er, Natalie, you appear to be, er, 'glowing' ...}
{The morning after the night before ...}
{This is what became of the leftover
waf-fail mix. CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE!}

(Every day I'm) Waffling

My new workmate Emily and I seem to be having an informal Waffle-Off. Or, rather, she tells me waffly tips, I go home, I follow through with those waffly tips.

She even introduced me to the magnificence that is this website: Will it Waffle?

I waffled an egg.

Because you can*. And I could.

(*unless it's the product of one of your parents' Girls in which case it disnae work quite so well)


This ...

is a w-oeuf-fle.

And then, inspired by wafflage, I made up some Belgian waffle mix.

I say made up ... I literally did.

Ran out of plain flour and butter half-way through mixing. Had to sub in with self-raising flour ... and olive oil.

Which, as I discovered to my peril on Saturday morning, makes waffle mix volcanic, and smell like cowpats.

I believe that is what you call an epic waf-fail.

I can testify that aside from more volcanic overspill (seriously, does the recipe actually need 7g of yeast...?), the second batch of Belgian waffles were, if slightly burnt, more pleasing on the nasal cavities*.

(*I didn't stick them up there; I ate them. But you know what I mean. Less cowpat smell {which I think may also be the fault of the yeast}. QB for the WIN.)

BUT! Other thing wot I did learn from those people at work wot are clevuh and stuff ...

I learned how to separate an egg ... using a water bottle.

It's a thing! It works! It's actually amazing!

{Mind = blown}
Of course you all knew about this for years but still!

I'm nothing if not Late to All Parties. To wit: all series I've ever enthused about on here.

Anyway. I digress.

Watch this and be awestruck. Or don't.

Thanks, shouty (but oddly endearing) Russian dude! 

Pinterest Pin(s) of the Week(s)

Here are two. Because I'm in that sort of mood, y'all.

{The struggle of font snobbery is real.}
Web Finds of the Fortnight
  • Found this on YouTube (while falling down a YT Rabbit Hole). Actually wept with laughter: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Debate: Bad Lip Reading


Right, that's enough for now. Join me again in two weeks for more of the same. But maybe with more reports of actual human interaction.

Big love as ever to ... Natalie, Norgstar, Charlie, Jos, Fern and also to Ma QB for, well, everything else not previously accounted for above.

qb xx

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