Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunday Summary | "It's so hot 'cos my ice cream's melting // We're only used to the same rain pelting ..."

I'm throwing in quite an obscure lyric this week. No prize this time; it's just for fun and kudos and stuff.

Dear FOQ

I seem to have exhausted my blog resources having posted The Mutha of all Big Blog Posts on Monday, so excuse the truncification (that could be a word) of this Sunday's Summary. Which does what it says on the tin, to be fair.

And should you wonder who won the lyric quiz on Monday ... 'twas that Cousin Jo again. I promise there's no nepotism involved; she was just the only person who participated. (The answer was 'Yes Sir, I Can Boogie' by Baccara, should anyone need to know.)

There'll be a multipack of Mars Bars on its way to you soon ...


This week, I have mostly been ...



... but whaddya mean, Netflix, you only have the one series? Losers.

Excuse me while I have a 'moment' with Gary ...

I've also been revisiting another telly crush.

Step forward, Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory.

It's been too long.

(I'd almost forgotten the slight and endearing lisp, and the eyelashes.

Oh and the comic timing. Oh, Jim Parsons. So much love in the room.)


... an IKEA table (or, console that doubles as a Table for a Single Gal plus one Pal).

It's this one, if we're being all detail-focused:

{This one, 'ere | IKEA}
All by myself.

Well, apart from the flap with its tricksy hinges that only Ma QB could fathom. (I did follow all the instructions, though, honest.)

Look! It's upright! It's still upright now! I own that table.

Literally and figuratively.
{Just when you thought it wasn't possible
for my flat to become more of an IKEA
showroom ...}

Booking a holiday (abroad! Such fun!)

Why yes, I handed over some of my hard-earned poundage this week to CheesyJet (I've forgiven them all previous misdemeanours for now) for the genuine privilege of flying ...



Greece is, indeed, the word!

{Marty's not the only one wishing I'd stop making that
same joke, I'm sure ...}
I'm going to actual Greece in a month! WOOT! Thanks in advance to my hostess-to-be, Ms Katerina (former workmate and general multipotentialite legend).

... Wonder if I should start Earworm-cramming now?!

Pinterest Pin of the Week

{Tourlitis Lighthouse, Andros}
Weekly Web Finds
{via here

{I know, I know, Ma QB. You could make this at home.
For free. With a small aubergine. Nay, a TINY aubergine}
{Sweet mother of chocolate, will ya look at that?! IT IS A MAC 'N' CHEESE


Egads, that really is all I have to offer you lot this weekend. Sorry 'bout that.

Next week should provide substantially more blog-fodder, hint hint ...

As ever, big love to my Lovelies: Natalie, Georgina, Charlie, Jos, Fern and how could I forget Ms AJ, who enticed me out of my sweaty little IKEA showroom flat this arvo for iced drinks and a glorious sit in the park?

qb xx

PS Oh, by the way, we have a name for the most glam flam in the world (this week). This, my friends. is Florence, as named by Norgstar.

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