Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ch-ch-ch-chaaaaanges ...

Dear FOQ!
In a moment of Sunday morning revelation, I've taken the decision -- unpopular as it may prove -- to post on a fortnightly, not weekly, basis for a little while. So ... no post tonight.

I'm struggling to claw together enough material at times when weeks have been quiet, and when they've been mad I'm struggling to fit in time to write the blog in the first place as I've usually got other commitments to see to ahead of the blog. Plus I've had a scream-inducingly unreliable computer of late, which hasn't helped (although that should no longer be an issue very soon! :D).

And to be honest, sometimes I just cannot be naffed. Writer's prerogative.

But this does mean, I hope, I won't still be wittering about reading the same book, or watching the same series, week in, week out. There'll be a bit more variety. I can work on the post throughout the fortnight rather than having to pull it all together in a couple of days. Well, that's the idea anyway.

Thanks for understanding, you lovely lot.

qb xx

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