Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday Summary | You light up another cigarette and I pour the wine ...*

* Only now in adulthood do I find myself wondering, who pours wine at 4 o'clock in the morning?

Is this healthy?


Dear FOQ

First of all, I must holler a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my excellent cousin Jo, who is taking on the Harwoodian Epic Walking Mantle this year, and walking 50k for the Woodland Trust! See, the madness? It's genetic. It's a Harwood Thing.

(Jo is also the winner of last week's Guess that Tune Mars Bar.)

Second of all, I ought to forewarn you that next weekend's SS will be late, or MIA, or something, as I'm off down the Westcountraaaay to catch up with my lil' buddy Norgstar, and won't be home till late Sunday night. Just ... preparing you for the eventuality of a no-show, that's all. Now stop lobbing mushrooms at me and behave like adults, would you please?


So! This week, I have mostly been...


Finally, finally moved on from Eat Pray Love which made me feel remarkably, well, meh. Anyway.

Funny story about this particular book.

Ma QB gave it to me years ago; it came to her by means I can't now remember, and it's been sitting on my bookshelves for a good while, waiting to be read.

It had recently graduated to the pile of to-read books on my bedside table:

and after I finished EPL and promptly dispatched it to the nearest charity bag (sorry, Elizabeth Gilbert -- I like you and your TED talks and your Big Magic but this just did not light my fire) I picked up Esme Lennox.

Now, to add a layer of mystery and complexity to the whole scenario, the copy I have is actually a 2012 World Book Night edition, so, somebody bought this book and then donated it into the World Book Night scheme, which involves the book moving from hand to hand. At some point it arrived with Ma QB. (I think the book's journey is supposed to be logged somewhere, but I'm not clear on the system.)

It so happens, then, that the person who donated the book in the first instance, whose name is written on the ex libris at the front of the book ... is the Sales and Marketing Director for the company I now work for.

Funny how things work out, eh?


Ab Fab, sweetie darling.

All right, so about 80% of the celebs Edina references in the series (first aired in 1992) are long since dead (sobering) but this still makes me chortle.

See, there are still good shows to be binge-watched on UK Netflix ...

And did I ever tell you about that time I overtook Jennifer Saunders and (I think it was) Arabella Weir at a tunnel during a MoonWalk?

Good times, sweetie.


... to this lady, on vinyl. Oh and collecting my ticket to see her perform again in September. Heckyeah.


See, the fever is back! It's not a must-walk-every-night compulsion (my still-not-quite-right toe would never agree to that anyway) but it's a hankering.

So, on Wednesday, not only did I take myself out for a very short trot to the shops on a fairly quirky little route (and I do like a bridge no matter how aesthetically questionable it is):

{Our near neigh-bours ...}

but I also took myself out for a good hour and a bit trot in the evening:

{4.74 miles in 1hr 15, should that sort of thing interest you}

{Natalie Portman just out of shot ...}
I really wanted to hunt down the bluebells in Felland Copse again but night was drawing in so I thought better of getting utterly lost in a woodland that I struggled to navigate in daylight

and headed home via Rahgate instead.

Still. I got to see Earlswood Lakes again, so that was nice. And it didn't rain although the ground was hella boggy.

Also nice.

Getting my uke on

... with Ma QB

Remember that one time back in December 2014 when I went along to Uke Jam with Ma and our friend Jo, totally loved it, bought myself a ukulele (Mahalia):

{for this is she ...}

and tried to teach myself to play with limited success:

{Photo by Norgstar}
but then got distracted by, I dunno, walking or something and wasn't able to play as much?

The uke beast is BACK, babies, and this time I managed to play the chords of both C and A minor, maybe F, and some other chord that involves not holding down any strings whatsoever. And it was awesome.

Even the moment where we tried to uke our way through a rendition of this song:

I'm really going to try not to leave 16 months between jams in future.

Eating All the Things

in the Carby Tovery

with Charlie, Al and Keira.

Because it's been too long. And catch-ups needed to be had. And the world yet again put bang to rights. Crazy, crazy, out-of-control world.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

(OK, note to self, I need to carve out a lot more Pinterest time. I miss it! I miss it muchly!)

Weekly Web Finds


{via here}

That be all I has for today except to send out much QB love to my Lovelies as ever (at least two of whom I get to see this week, woot woot): Natalie, Georgie, Charlie, Jos and Fern.

More Summary goodness ... soon. Sometime. Whenever.

qb xx

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