Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday Summary | Condensed like milk over a bowl of bananas

Dear FOQ

I am back! Back from the vortex of doing Absolutely Nothing of Note!

I can't promise this week's Summary is especially jam-packed but there have been things in the doing so I'll give it a go.

This week, I have mostly been ...



{Grey's Anatomy ...}
Ermagerd. So much has happened. So much.

George O'Malley died. He died. Poor drippy O'Malley!

Got pulled under a bus while trying to push a woman out of its path on his way to go home and tell his mother he'd enlisted for the army. He died

Izzie also almost died (and 'saw' newly dead George in her limbo fantasy land ... after Deliciously Dimpled yet Dolefully Dead Denny had finally been exorcised from her sick psyche) but suddenly resurrected like the tall blonde Lazarus she is, ditched whiny Alex and headed off to kidnap Joel Grey from his nursing home and bring back his errant memory.

As you do.

Also, there's a whole host of new doctorites drafted in from a merger, and not one of them is in any way, shape or form likeable.

... OK, maybe just the one. Hello, Jackson Avery.

And the less said about angry, angry, tortured ex-soldier Hunt the better.

Just ... go away, Owen. Go. Away. Yang deserves better.

You heard me, dude.


OK, two of the annoying new interns/residents/doctor-folk were floored by a gunman on a rampage (bye, Adamson, bye, Percy, I barely knew you but that's for the best), McDreamy almost McDied of a McGunshot wound that Yang managed to repair thus saving McDreamy's McCharmed Life, Meredrip discovered her pregnancy and lost the baby in one go, poor love, and Yang married Hunt in a fit of what I can only assume was PTSD.

No, Yang. No.

Also, keeping with a fairly spurious but relevant GA theme, I rewatched the following because it felt entirely necessary:

{27 Dresses | for the Izzie connection}

and because the allure of the Deliciously Dimpled Denny was just too much ... witness:

{P.S. I Love You | for the Denny connection | Is it wrong that I'm hugely disappointed
that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not actually Irish ... ?}

Gerard Butler and his ropey accent aside, this cast is actually pretty damn perfect.

Case in point, post-Buffy brunette James Marsters:

Listening ...

... to my di-vinyl record collection. Like a pretentious little hipster.

Nobutseriously. I've been trying to make Vinyl Saturday Mornings a thing (I'll work on the moniker). And it's been a little bit special. Recent spins from the stacks of wax have included:


Oh and I also spent Earth Hour on Saturday night with the lights off but the records on.

Dusty Springfield singing Anyone Who Had a Heart in the dark, anyone? Always.

Wishin' and Hopin' however?... Sexist, patronising twaddle.

"Wear your hair just for him"? 'He' can jog right on.

It's a grown-out bob or nothing, sonny boy.

Lunching with my Lovelies

Sadly, my lovely Natalie couldn't come and stay as planned due to a very poorly mini boy, so I have no decent shenanigans to report from Friday night/Saturday morning, aside from mass pizza and chocolate consumption, and a headache from flat Prosecco.

But I'm glad to report that some degree of socialising normality was then restored as I met my Voicerox Lovelies for a Late Lunch on Saturday -- cue the big-up to my girls, Charlie, Fern and Jos and to honorary Lovely, young Finn -- at the Toby Carvery.

Or, as I'd have it, Carby Tovery.

All Carbs.

All the Time.

And no shame. That's how I roll.

{Caption suggestions welcome ...!}
{Photo by Jos}
{Photo by Jos}
{Photo by Jos}
{Epic double selfie by Jos}
Poor Charlie was in a bit of a bad way like a broken birdie:

after having taken a helluva tumble that landed her in the hops-ital earlier in the week -- cracked ribs, bruised bits, the lot -- but bruise constellations aside, it was mighty good and restorative to see the ladies after too long an absence.


{Three sundaes and a Mess}
{Brownie, sadly deemed a disappointment by
its consumer, Ms Jos ...}

Still enjoying the new commute ...

Evening, at the station (at approx. 5.20pm):

Look at the crowds!

The heaving hordes waiting to barge onto the carriages before incoming passengers have alighted!

... Oh wait ...

{Ohmmmmm ...}

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds

The Serious ...
{via here}

The Silly!
{Marjory was horrified by the price of tampons
after Osborne's tax was applied ... | via here}
  • This cat | Courtesy of Evie
{They see me rollin', they tapin' ...}
  • This woman, Suzelle DIY, on YouTube | Courtesy of Fernikins | I suspect this woman is actually Fern's kindred spirit ... ;-)

  • I've just got on board with No More Page Three's new endeavour, The Week in Sexist News. It's written in a very funny way but the subject matter is pitifully serious.

And finally ...

{That's just ... no. WEIRD. | via here}
All right, enough of this frivolity.

Peace out, yo.

qb xx

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