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Phunday Phummary | ... thiph will make phense in a minute ...

{Love this little guy and his overbite | via
Dear FOQ

Happy Easter Sunday!

{When the workforce doesn't meet its quota ...}

Hope you've all come to terms with the darn clocks going forwards (darn those clocks):

{Scrrrrreeeeew you, 'British Summer Time'.}

and the fact you may well have eaten All the Eggs Already. #nojudgment

I've spent a lovely leisurely ES stuffing my face with meat, veg and chocolate roulade (and much of wine) -- honorary Easter Company Big-ups to Ma and Pa QB, and Julie, Sean and Jan, our guestages. Check out the three graces:

This week, I have mostly been ...


... Yes. I am a single woman. Mid-thirties*. Reading EPL.

(*I'm not 'mid-to-late' 'til I hit 38, understood?)

...When did I become such a goshdarn cliché?! I used to be so cool...

{OK, maybe not so much.}

...You know that when a show introduces a fantastical all-singing episode it will either be epic or atrocious.

The Buffy 'Once More, With Feeling' episode was epic. Amber Benson and Anthony Head for the vocal WIN:

The Vicodin/anaesthesia-haze musical numbers in House were ... well, er, uhm ... I can't remember how I felt about them at the time but I'm now tending towards 'nail in the coffin of the series'-type sentiments. In spite of my fervent feelings towards 'Huddy'.

I am however on the fence getting splinters in my bits over the 'musical' episode of GA.

OK, so I could probably listen to a duet album performed by Sara "Torres" Ramirez and Chandra "Bailey" Wilson for all eternity, and maybe Hunt became less 'rhyming slang' (if you catch my drift) when Kevin "he's actually Scottish and one of the voices in Brave" -- thanks for that nugget of trivia, Evie!) McKidd started rocking out in the trauma room but... really?

Was it just a veiled attempt to mask the proverbial Jumping of the Shark...? (Apparently it was some sort of musical 'event' but I'm not entirely convinced.)

Grey's fans, I'd love to know your thoughts. And yes I know that episode was aired some 7/8 years ago. I'm behind. I get it. That's the point of binge-watching, y'all.

I have mixed feelings about the show as a whole now. With House there were only ever four diagnoses for anything (and it was not Lupus), but with GA there are only ever four scenarios. Pregnancy (unwanted, accidental, threatened), Alzheimer's, a dramatic accident that conveniently threatens the life of one of the residents and takes Yang for, like, EVER to get over.

And someone crying/fighting over Alex Karev/Mark "Slimeball" Sloan; after which Karev redeems himself by hugging a poorly baby or something.

C'mon, GA, amp it up. 30ccs of variety wouldn't go amiss ...
Joining the Parentals

...for the annual Easter walk.

OK, OK, so I didn't walk. 

I just joined in the post-walk pub lunch. This working girl needed a lie in, followed by a mountain of sausage and mash at the Little Brown Jug in Chiddingstone. (Mere seconds from Penshurst station if you survive crossing the road...) Ma and Pa already had a generous glass of vino rosso waiting for me. Bless 'em.

And in case you were wondering where QB got her startlingly handsome looks from, wonder no more. Mystery solved:


Weekly Weblinks

There are more, but I've already spent too much time this weekend navigating an alien laptop (ta Mama) so I'm just going to park this post and move on to ... probably watching more Grey's and eating cake.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

And finally {to paraphrase John Craven and all other newsreaders throughout history, probably} ... I cannot let this Summary conclude without (slightly belatedly) wishing beautiful Fiona a Very Happy Birthday! Forty and Fabulous. Hope you're having a great weekend!

{Photo by Jos}
The usual big-ups due to my Lovelies: Charlie, Jos, Fern, Natalie, Georgina, and also to Sandra who always comments on the blog but to whom I've never given a big-up. Huge oversight on my part!

qb xx

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