Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday Summary | Mix 100g honey with 1tbsp turmeric for pure cold-busting magic

Greetings, FOQ, you lovely people you.

I begin this Summary with a Public Health Announcement.

Remember a whole week ago when I made the declaration that my shabby bleedin' hands (or my shabby, bleeding hands) were all but cured on the advice of my workmate?

Well ... this week, my workmate's advice has also helped break through what began as a really quite grotesque cold (and QB does not 'do' ill).

I kid thee not.

100g honey mixed with 1tbsp turmeric and decanted into a glass pot. Half a tsp to be taken hourly for the first day of Bubonic Plague then two-hourly on the second day. 

[*WARNING: apparently this is not suitable for people with gallbladder disease. Always consult your doctor. Or, if you're me, just take a chance, blow your nose, chin up and hope it works. I found directions for use here]

Already I'm feeling less like this:

and more like this:

(though with a raspy Jo Whiley broadcasting voice which is apparently a good thing even if it makes pitching during singing that much more difficulter.)

Admittedly as your taste buds and sense of smell restore to normal the mixture may be a little more piquant, but I'm now a firm advocate.

The drugs can do one.

{If the book is anything to go by, the film casting
is almost perfect}

30 Rock

{Hands up if you reckon Alec Baldwin's been dyeing his hair
a chestnut colour to bring out his eyes ...}
I do keep persisting. I'm committed. I'm on the final season.

And in spite of constant Shark-Jump threats, continuity glitches (characters who just go missing unexplained, hair inconsistencies) and yet another live episode ("hey! here's what you're supposed to find funny!"):

sometimes a scenario or quip of dialogue pulls this show back from its precipice for a second.

Could really do without the political/electoral story lines though.

Spoiler alert: Obama won.

Oh and War and Peace? I didn't care enough about all the identikit characters to keep watching. My attention span is like that of:

these days. It's just that I like to multitask while I watch things. And by multitask I mean, iron.

Or eat popcorn.

Or pin stuff on Pinterest.

Celebrating my Big News

Remember a whole week ago when I made the declaration that ... oh, wait, sorry, already did that bit.

Remember a whole week ago where I planted a little teaser on this-here bloggo pertaining to some News I Had to Share?

Granted, it's not that big, really, in the grand scheme of things, and humility and tact have meant that I'm not posting aforementioned news on Farcebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn (which I've LinkedOut of anyway).

But here it is:

And before those of you not already in the know jump to the wrong conclusion, nooooooo, I'm not With Child. Seriously, have you met me?! And my fantasy husband, Tom Thomas from Fireman Sam?
{OK, that's just sick, isn't it; he's an animation, QB, get over it!}
It's the book thing. 

The book is the focus, people.

I've got a new job!

Yes, after almost nine years at my current company, and -- gulp -- fifteen years in children's publishing, I'm making an almost seamless transition out of children's books and into arts-and-crafts guides for, primarily, growedy-ups, which sounds much more QB these days.

This is in spite of my current inability to knit:



or use Superglue without sticking my fingers together.

But I'm-a gonna learn.

Also, I used the word "Pinterest" in my interview and I believe that may have counted in my favour:

So anyway.

It's All Change, folks!

And as Cher and Christina Ricci so famously cite in that pinnacle of excellent film-making, Mermaids, life is change ...

I'm also removing myself from 'what I call' The Commute from (one of Dante's several circles of) Hell by heading in the complete opposite direction from London.


So, on Wednesday, I headed for the lush and very comfortable Home Cottage pub to await friend R and allow him to help me celebrate my career coup.

With wine.
{The bottle in the background is a table number
holderer, so we're clear.}
Too much of wine.

At least two glasses. On a weeknight. A weeknight I am hereby christening Winesday.

{Hey, it's Lindsay Lohan before she bombed!}
... yeehhhhp.

Good job I lined my stomach first.

But anyway. To get all sober and contemplative on y'all ... remember that resolution I made a month ago?

This change is one huge step towards that happy. And {as I say all too frequently} y'know what? It has already made me happy.

It's also made me hugely:

but the nervousness has been worth it for the outcome.

See? We introverts do like change.

But only if we're the ones initiating it.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds

Thanks, Martin!

And before I bow out, I leave you with this ever so poignant reminder of the late, great Sir Terry Wogan whose deadpan commentary on Eurovision used to make the show what it was.

I however will never be able to 'unsee' this performance (probably broadcast on TOTP2 at some point as this is from 1978, a true vintage year ...):


qb xx

PS In case you think I've forgotten my Lovelies, the usual virtual hugs and high-fives go to: Charlie (thank you for the surprise Friday-arvo coffee!), Jos, Jess (hope you're feeling better -- I swear by turmeric and honey for whatever ails yer unless it's gallbladder disease), Evie, Natalie, Georgiepants (for making me laugh always) and to R for the 'girl wine'.

Love to you all.

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