Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday Summary | half empty like a pessimist's wine glass

Dearest FOQ

I begin this post as requested by Alun:

with a tribute to the crooner whose work we are lovingly embracing at Voicerox at present. I give you thiiiiis:

and, even more topically given that whole Force Awakens malarkey, thiiiiiiiiis!

And now for Evie upon request ... thiiiiiiis:

{There's plenty more where that came from.}
This week I have mostly been ...

... well, actually, not been doing much at all, truth be told. Which is OK. The pre-Christmas period was, as I like to say, nuts on toast (which makes no sense, which is the point) so to have a little post-Chrimbo down-time (in which to get my affairs in order and to enjoy the new electric undersheet I've just purchased #middleage) is bliss. It's an introvert thing.

I have however been ...

Back to work

And that's all I'll say on the matter. Apart from, I miss Christmas and the abyss of nothingness. I miss Bucks Fizz [the drink, not the 80s pop combo] being acceptable at breakfast time, and the biscuit window of opportunity.

... When's it Easter weekend?


I've genuinely lost sight of the "all about me" quotient of this book; it is actually superb. I love Strayed's writing style and her honesty, and her occasional potty-mouth, and the fact she can genuinely write from her experience.

Elizabeth Gilbert next up, I think. I'm in a real non-fiction groove at the moment.

because, hey,

{"A life lived in fear is a life half-lived"}

30 Rock

because after a quick potential-jump-the-shark period where it lost direction it is still snorfle-rousingly funny*. Especially after wine. And there is always much Liz Lemon-identification to be gleaned.

29 Reasons Why You Are Liz Lemon | Number 15. True story.

*That said, the Season 5 'live' show was dismal. Huge BLURG to that. Word to the wise: enforced laughter immediately negates actual humour. Fact.


Taggart {'Flesh and Bone'}

{photo via here}
Because a bit of gritty 90s McCrime is the perfect entertainment for a Saturday night, amiright?

All together now: there's been a muddddderrrr!


This was then chased up with The Fall. Because of the fabulosity (and ever so slight creepiness) of Gillian Anderson.



You read that correctly.

For the first time in many many of the months I managed to construct something "edible" with my own two hands that did not limit itself to squeezing ketchup onto pre-constructed macaroni cheese, and I managed not to maim myself. [All right so the chicken was mildly underdone but I didn't eat the bits that were still pink or still clucking so, props to me.]

I win at life!

BEHOLD (unless you're a vegetarian in which case, SCROLL!)

Above is my fairly accurate representation (made weirdly pale in Photoshop) of this dish:

from the Guardian for Meals for One (aka Scoff for Singletons) -- I give you Grilled chicken thighs with bulgur pilaf. Not as poncey as it sounds, actually.

What is poncey, however, is having a microstrop in Sainsbury's:

#firstworldproblems #thestruggleisreal

And now for another musical interlude, in tribute to both Barry and Gary:

neatly balanced out with:

{C'mon, is that not an accurate representation of how we
all felt on Monday morning?}
And if you're feeling bad about breaking those resolutions you made this time last week, don't -- this song will make you feel so much better (thanks to Nats for this one):

{Meghan Trainor and James Corden}

As will this slightly less pastel little article by Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian: New year, new you? Forget it 

Encouraging, no?

I can issue no promises that next week's Summary will be more exciting or structured than this week's but hey.

When in doubt, sloth it out.

{Sloth it out?! I don't even know what I mean any more. But look! The cuteness!}
In the meantime, this week's arbitrary, honorary mentions go to Charlie, Jos, Fern, Natalie, Georgina, Glenda, Jess (even though she posted those scary-as-heck Public Information Films on her Facebook and now I need therapy!), and to Alun and Evie for their suggestions for content when I was plumbing the depths a bit.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds

I love this one:

{Stages in the design for the Chrysler Building | from the New York Public Library}
  • Stephen Fry introduces UK etiquette to tourists coming into Heathrow | on YouTube | via ITV London | via Jo W (thank you for sharing this!)

And, in case you had any doubts as to the allure of a bibliophile:
  • The sexiness of bookish people | on YouTube | via Susan Cain and The School of Life

Well, the optician did say my eyesight was deteriorating fractionally with age ... *puts on specs, instantly becomes a loveable, viable marriageable prospect*

Until next week ... stay warm, amigos!

qb xx

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