Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday Summary | best served chilled

Hello to you, FOQ!

I was all poised to start this post with this meme:

{Oh look, I put it in anyway | via here}
{Snow, lite}
However, the 'sner' seems to have all but melted away round these parts since this morning's liberal dusting. Now, far be it from me to channel my inner Lucy:

but if you've ever tried to travel anywhere in whimsical weather (or in fact, any actual weather, on a day that ends with 'y') you'll know that the struggle is real, so actually the fact it's all but gone is a blessing.

Sorry, 'sner'-lovers.

... Egads, when did I become so cheerless?!

Anyway. Back to business!

This week, I have mostly been ...


and finishing

I love that Cheryl Strayed replies to each of the letters in the book as if she is addressing a friend in great need of advice.

To my absolute shame I am currently Between Books having not quite opened:

but on Saturday morning I echewed (bless you) the freezing temperatures and sat in my cosy bed with the electric undersheet on low (#livingthedream) and had some quality time with a keg o' coffee and a stack o' mags including The Simple Things

and Stylist (which I only read for Lucy Mangan these days):

And yes. that is indeed the very same range of bed linen as Paul Spector's surviving victim, Annie, had in The Fall.

That doesn't make me feel mildly uneasy at all.

And speaking of, I have indeed been ...

Binge-watching ...

... my way to the very end of Series 2 of the aforementioned:

{"Oi! Which one of you just called me Scully?" | The Fall | on Netflix US}
and while there were gaping plot holes and character lapses a-go-go in the second series (oh, creepy babysitter Katie has a surname now? And what's her deal anyway? And how did the very little Olivia age a year in a fortnight? Oh, yeah. Telly Roolz) it ended on a hawge cliffhanger.

Bring me Series 3 posthaste. (Please and thank you.)

Also, on YouTube, via Gorgeous Glenda of the Broken Elbows, James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with the superlative and very cackly Adele. This is just ... brilliant.

Especially when she starts rapping.


... or something that attempted to approximate singing at Dan's Birthday Shindig.

We were, sadly, sans Charlie and Glenda (we missed you very muchly); but along with belated-birthday-boy Dan himself, the Collective there present included Jos, Paul, Jenny (to whom we wish a happy actual birthday!) Pete, Alun, Martin, Ali and Oli. 

Pete rocked out an excellent rendition of 'Absolute Beginners' (with his very own man-fan in the foreground and yes, I'm crediting Jos with that moniker), Dan paid homage to this fella:

... oh wait, sorry, no, my bad -- this fella:

{Easy mistake to make, though, right?}
and Alun and Jos followed the spurious and largely subtextual 'Wedding Singer' theme:

{#I have daaaayaaaanced ... inside your eyyyyyyes ...#}
with a bit o' Culcha Club. Friends, I'm giving you time to realise your crime. (Just kidding, it was great, complete with dance moves and everything and actual people on the dance floor enjoying it.)

{Birthday boiiii}
{Jenny, Paul, Quirk}
{At some point in my life I'll work out where the camera is on my phone
and ruddy-well look into it | oh and probably learn not to drink more wine
than my sanity levels can handle}
{Quirky low-light group shot of us rocking out to a lorra lorra Cilla | thanks, Paul!}

That sounds more perverse than it actually is.


In short, take 1 ready-made cake mix. I used this pack (below) but others are, of course, available:

{chocolate sponge mix}
Add water and eggs as directed.

Ladle into the waffle-maker.

Bake/cook/waffle for 3-4 minutes.

Remove. Marvel at how you essentially just made cake in four minutes.

Take Instagram shot of chocolate waffles. Rebrand them choffles.

Smear choffles with any of the following: ice cream, cream, jam, cherry conserve, chocolate spread.


You're welcome.

Thanks to Jos for sending me the "hack yo' waffles" ideas on Pinterest ages ago:

{via here}
Not going to lie, some of the ideas are completely off-the-grid mad. Waffle hot dogs?! Really?!

Pinterest Pin of the Week

{Magic ... genius ... it's all the same}

Weekly Web Finds

... Eh. I think I'm just going to dispense with these for now until something worth sharing pops up. Agreed?

Before I sign off, though, let's just have a quick moment in honour of the -- gah, late -- David Bowie.

{gif artwork by Helen Green | via Charlie}
Who to me will always be Jareth the Goblin King.

"You have no power over me." Really? No, au contraire.

And in honour of our own little Carpool Karaoke moment on Tuesday night I hereby dedicate this to Jos, Charlie and Fern:

{Perfect Day '97}

and this one to Paul (who wasn't actually born when the film came out which makes me feel ancient!):

Oh and one more: here's a truly gorgeous cover of Space Oddity by beardy wonder Passenger. It'll give you chills or at the very least make you a little leaky of tear ducts.

All right so maybe it sounds like he's using a tin can as an emergency lavatorial receptacle. But aside from that. Gorgeous, no?

And lest we forget ...

"Something vexes thee?"

RIP Alan Rickman.

Forever the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the best thing about Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (sorry, Georgina, I'm discounting Costner, because he's yours, obvs):

And watching this bit of Love Actually at Christmas

{That look of sheer bemusement. <3 it.}
will never be the same again.


Well, with any luck I might have more to report next week.

Luck being, me being lucky enough to put some Plans in the Filofax and Follow Them Through.

With lots of love, hugs, mittens and snoods ...

qb xx

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