Monday, 30 November 2015

Sunday Summary Monday Missive | updated with edits because I'm pedantic like that . . .

Hello and Happy Monday (ha! is there such a thing?!) to my lovely FOQ Family!

Thankseverso for Bearing With and not lobbing mushrooms or parmesan/goat's cheese/feta, olives or foam cushion innards at me (all things I cannot even be doing with) after my shock "Summary's going to be a day late, deal with it, please and here, have some fudgy nuts"
{for these are they -- look upon them and be awed!}
announcement on Wednesday.

Sometimes, friends, life happens. And while life makes excellent blog fodder© (#blogfodder), one needs to actually live that life in order to garner the fodder and now I'm just jabbering so I'll lock it up and continue with a rather whistlestop tour of my week wot was and ... what's that you say, Dr Evil?

(OK. Sorry. Consider me zipped.)

So, this week (or, last week? What week even are we in?! Are we in December yet?! No? One more sleep 'til December? ... Good, that helps (!)), I have mostly been ...


very slowly and sporadically on account of spending the remains of my waking hours doing all the other things, or trying to give my brain a break by:


The Coroner

The Goose

and the Hope Cove scenery just about redeemed this series, I tell thee.

Because there's no credibility in a storyline that has both the coroner and her twinkly-eyed pseudo-quasi-love-interest sarge conveniently hiding in a suspect's wardrobe while she confesses a crime in a moment of poorly-staged nookie. Nosireeee.

Still. Look!

Recognisable scenery!

{Hey! Check out my seamless transposition! << and no, I don't say that to all the boys |
Screenshot (minus Norgstar) from The Coroner | BBC}


Oh heck yes, I only ruddyflippingwell DID. IT.

50,000 words!

And I finished early!

Suppose it must be about time for the next creative endeavour, eh?

Bill's Bill's Bill's 

No, friends, I have not taken leave of my firmly-ensconced grammatical senses.

On Thursday night, I headed to Soho for a splendid supper at Bill's with workmates past and present: Clare, Miranda, Jillian; Sarah, Charlotte and Sue, my current team-of-sorts, oh, and honorary teamster Katerina. And very nice it was too!

We had a good ol' catch-up and some velly nice wine and some velly nice food.

You really can't go wrong with a Bill's ...

... or so I thought.

Bill's, sadly, seem to have tainted my favourite dish (macaroni cheese) with MUSHROOMS AND TRUFFLE OIL.

I mean, seriously? Who does that?!

So I ended up opting for something completely different (and I'm not good on the departure front but this was definitely worthwhile): ribs. A veritable xylophone of ribs. Because it came with coleslaw, mostly.

And I chased it up with a lemon meringue cheesecake that looked a little bit like this:

{Actually it looked a lot like this given
that was, er, the actual one.} 
'Twas lovely to have a more casual evening out with the workies and to catch up with the shenanigans of Miranda and Clare before Christmas when our diaries get absolutely mad and in spite of best intentions we risk not seeing each other for months.

I did attempt to get a panoramic photo of everyone together, but it wound up looking like thiiiiiis (with apologies to Miranda for the time lapse on her face and to Sue who's shrouded in shadow on the left there):

{L-R for the benefit of Ma QB, not that you can really tell who's who anyway, Clare, Sue (in the dark), Sarah, Katerina, Miranda, Jillian and Charlotte}
And the second attempt, with Clare taking the camera to try to fit me into the picture, ended up like thiiiiiiiiiis:

{What. The heck. Just happened. To my nose?!!}
Yeah, let's just not go there.

Ooh, cue for a bauble selfie:

Then, t'following evening, I got up to even more

Reuniting ...

... with former workmates (must be that nostalgic time of year again)!

Yea verily, on Friday night, I met up with my ol' Templar Publishing buddies in Dorking, and I tell thee ... none of them, not one of them, has actually changed a bit. Youthful bunch of youffs.

It was a right old time tunnel and jolly lovely to see everyone there assembled. Only slightly alarming to realise how small the publishing world is, though ...

Then, then, not quite content with having been the quintessential social butterfly moth

for two nights on the trot, I headed out on Saturday afternoon to take part in a completely full-on, hard-work but totally worth every minute Gospel Workshop, run by musical aficionado, legend, and fellow rapid orator (man alive, he talks fast!) Ken Burton. You may remember that name from, er, stuff on the telly. Or in fact this blog post last year (the tone and content of which bears a considerable resemblance to, er, more recent posts this year -- funny, that).

Anyway, in spite of the bafflement of 80% of the choir who attended, who weren't quite sure which part they were supposed to be singing as things were rolling differently from our usual Tuesday night shenans, we ended up producing a rather lovely sound.

After a cheeky hot chocolate with my Lovelies in residence:

{Charlie, Jos, Fern and Alun with a couple of swimming pools' worth of choc} 
{I have no idea what the girls were laughing at but heck, I love this photo}
and a quick trip home, I headed out uhhhhhhgain

on the bus, to spend a fabulous and nostalgic evening with more of my Lovelies, Jess and Mandy! We ordered takeaway (verrrrry nice), ate a phenomenal amount of popcorn (oh, just me then), was served Prosecco by a very polite young man (Jess, your kids are fabulous) and played an impromptu game of Dodge the Cute Snuffling Pug as she runs for yer wine glass.

Oh and we also watched at least four back-to-back episodes of truly rather scary (for the fashions alone) 1980s children's serial Moondial on DVD!

{Scared faces ON! | Ooh, mind the pug}
Those of us of an age may remember this adaptation of the Helen Cresswell children's novel about a sundial that takes a young girl time-travelling to free two child ghosts:

The videos have, unsurprisingly, disappeared off YouTube now the DVD has been released ... but hey! It's on DVD, y'all!

I was expecting it to be a lot cheesier than it was. But no. It was still pretty freakin' creepy. Especially Miss Raven, the ghost hunter. *shudder*

Now kindly allow me my own little trip back in time ...

Why yes, that is a little QB and Sis (soz, Sis ...) at Belton House in 1988, where Moondial was filmed, on the actual Moondial. And yes, we're both wearing green trackies and an anorak. It was the 80s. We don't judge.

{That there is my transported-through-time face. Not my dozy ten-year-old
nitwit face. So we're clear. Sis looks cute. If reluctant.}
Where are we up to? Saturday? Good, right.

Then, on Sunday night, I was ...

Rockin' the Halls …

… in the audience for the "MOST" (Maidstone, Orpington, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge) contingent of Rock Choir at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.

Hence my lamentable absinthe last night, for our very own Ma QB was there! Hurrah for Ma QB!

The Concert Hall has some truly delicious acoustics, and the combination choir sounded fantastic; the soloists were terrific, especially the young lass hitting that money note in All I Want for Christmas (which as we know is a very hard song to sing).

RC even had a live string section for some of the renditions, including Time after Time and, my personal favourite, Someone Like You -- cue the inevitable sob-fest. Every time. Gets me every time. (Which reminds me, this is also worth a watch. Sheesh. That voice. | Adele at the BBC in case you wonder what I'm on about.) It was magic, actually. Proper magic.

And the a cappella Christmas pieces including Carol of the Bells and a mash-up/mix of a collection of Christmas songs was actually a little bit hair-raising.

In the good way.

Oh and they also sang Backstreet Boys. Who doesn't love a harmonised Backstreet Boys cover, eh?!


Right, I was going to mention my truly enriching trip to IKEA on Friday afternoon, and the resultant (albeit temporary) flatpack fail (it's OK, I put it all back together the right way round eventually...) but I've run out of time, it's late, and I just want to post this bad boy and go to bed.

But first, the necessary:

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds

  • My work friend Eloise has written this excellent article on applying common sense to the media: Caution: Common Sense Ahead | I'll admit I struggle with ardent discussions of politics ('coz I is a bit uneducated, and left and right wings are fings wot birds have) but still. Worth a read.
  • The funny things Tube drivers say | on The Londonist | very possibly via Caroline R

Aaaand I think that's all for now.

OK, I'm skedaddling but hopefully usual service should resume next Sunday.

Thanks for checkin' in!

qb xx

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