Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday Summary | as seen through the haze of vino tinto

Hi! Hello! Howdy! Hey! How are we all? Happy, hopefully.

Man alive, I do love me some alliteration ...

This week, I have mostly been ...


Really, QB?! Still?!

Oh but I'm so close to the end now. And I've learned a lot. And nodded a lot. And turned down a lot of page corners. If I wasn't identifying wholeheartedly with the Ways of the Introvert before, well, it's safe to say I've found my tribe.

Writing ...

... and getting my NaNoWriMo tally up to speed finally. Still not entirely convinced that what I'm peddling isn't a whole pile of dross but as I constantly keep reminding myself, at least I'm writing. Right?

I've also taken to writing wherever there's a surface (and preferably coffee nearby), just to keep up with the word count:

So, in bed:

{Wine: the after-hours coffee alternative}
on the train:
{Oh yep, I'm the spreading-out commuter whom everyone hates}
even in a little meeting room during lunchtime in the office. That's dedication, peeps.

Listening ...

... to a lot of TED talks. I love a TED talk, especially one that makes me stop what I'm doing for a moment (which is slightly tricky when listening at work) and think, yes! I get that! Props! or words to that effect.

A few I've enjoyed this week, which you may find enlightening (or not, no judgment, no pressure), include:

Karen Gaffney | All Lives Matter

Elizabeth Gilbert | Your Elusive Creative Genius

Sir Ken Robinson | Do Schools Kill Creativity?

The latter talk was particularly noteworthy: why are the arts placed so low on the educational hierarchy compared to maths and science? Maths and science are important, of course, but children's potential and their intelligence, therefore, is gauged on their performance in those subjects rather than on their abilities in creative media.

... Er, can someone help me down from this tiny little soapbox please? Fanks.

Watching ...

... 30 Rock.

Lemon and Donaghy. So much love for the duo.

Sampling ...

... the new Christmas ranges in Costa Coffee, oh yeah!

On Wednesday evening, Amanda (aka AJ) and I shimmied (yes, shimmied) on down to Costa Rahgate to take advantage of lots of free (as in, didn't Costa penny ... ahem ...) sugary stuff, as Costa launched their iconic Christmas menus.

And 'latte' me tell you ( ... ): the Tiramisu Latte is the one to watch

Not to be confused, however, with:

{Taramasalata | via here}

I've been making that joke all week. It never gets tired.

Except when it does.

Not only did we get mini coffee and hot chocolate and Christmas Tree Tea samples, but we also sampled little cups of cake.

Cups! Of cake! What's not to like?!

Now, I can't possibly tell you what each of the samples was (because they barely stayed put long enough to warrant identification) but I believe there was a billionaire's tart, a mince tart, something gingerbread-y, a chocolate and cherry brownie, salted caramel ... something ... oh, it was all rather marvellous.

The inevitable cake coma followed, accompanied by a great desire for just a little leaf or something to munch on to redress the balance. Failing that, I went on to a singing rehearsal, and washed the whole lot down with wine. Semantics.

Continuing the QB Luvs Coffee Theme ...

Warning: Readers of a delicate sensibility who frown upon profanity like QB herself frowns upon punctuation errors (!) should probably skip past this part of the SS.

On Friday afternoon, my boss and I ventured into darkest Bermondsey (well, strictly, Bermondsey Street, in the London Bridge vicinity) to pay a visit to this coffee shop as lauded in a recent edition of Time Out:

Yes, friends, its name is F*ckoffee.

The interior of the cafe itself is, as you'd expect, hipster-hip, but in a rather wonderfully quirky way:
{There's a small, scary Child's Play Chucky somewhere in this scene ...}
{Espresso cup lamp!}
And the coffee is darn good, as are the cakes. 

Behold! A slice of chocolate and walnut gooey brownie heaven (with a natty Americano in a decent-sized cup):

If F*ckoffee were transplanted somewhere more local, say, Rahgate or Deadhill, it'd be the perfect place to hole up and get the next 34,000 NaNoWriMo words locked down.

Getting my karaoke on

All right, admit it, Song Club Collective [as I am now calling my beautiful ellipsis of friends comprising, but not limited to, Jos, Charlie, Dan, Jenny, Alun-in-absentia -- because he gets a mention now whether he's there or not! -- Paul, Leonie and Jamie << look! your first-ever official Sunday Summary mention, guys!] this is the part of the blog you all scrolled down to see, wasn't it? 

(Read the rest later, do; it's mighty illuminating -- chortle chortle.)

Why, yes, on Saturday night a bundle of us rolled up at the South Park 

Constitutional Club for karaoke, and had a mighty fine time. It was new Deskette Jenny's first outing with us as a quirky little corpus, and she survived, so that was nice. 

We dun did some singing, as is the custom -- look upon these fabulous singing faces and be joyous!

{Chaaaaain, keep us together ...}
{No Diggity ...}
{Nobody does it better ...}
 And in Misguided QB News I did some serious strangulation of this song:

which I regret on so many levels, because I really like the song; it has a certain resonance for me as it was the song playing in my brain as I tramped through the night on that walk I don't mention any more (much), and I didn't mean to murder it with quite such aplomb.

It is, after all, a very hard song to sing*.

* Song Club shorthand for, "you was RUBBISH!"

Lesson learned. Gah. (Also, everything sounds slightly massacred after much of wine.)

And on a sartorial level ...

{Photo by Jos}

{This, apparently, is my rebellious face. Yep. Scary. | Photo by Jos}
Still. Jos won a pack of Penguins in the raffle (woot!),

{Photo by Jos}
{Sheesh, that escalated quickly ...}
it was discovered that you could buy Caramacs behind the bar, yep:

and we managed to pull off the most splendid rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody since, er, probably that one that Adam Lambert did last NYE with Queen feat. Bryan May and his Renaissance Hair.

And of course, of course, the night concluded with Chips in the Bus Stop. It's ritual now. Jos had to bond with some local youffs who were on our turf to make things pleasant-like (also, they seemed sweet and harmless and I think we scared them a bit) but it was a fitting end.
{Deskettes on Tour | Doin' the Bus Stop, November 2015}
Pinterest Pin of the Week

... has to be this little GIF. It's topical, y'all.

Weekly Web Finds


Aaaaand that's all we've got time for, folks.

See ya same time-ish next week.

Stay mellow.

qb xx

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