Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday Summary | with a liberal splash of Indian Shiraz

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Random readers! Family members! Lend me your ears, eyes and other superfluous organs.

Anyone else completely discombobulated by the extra hour? Anyone else completely forget to dress in the white robe rather than the blue for church, and wear the green not the red collar ... ? Anyone else forget the proper names for those collars? 

Just me then? Lost: one brain. If found, please return to its rightful owner.

Y'know, people often ask me, "QB, you really are living the dream, aren't you; how can I too live a wild and exciting life full of wall-to-wall high-jinks worthy of comedy gifs, just like you?*"

{I had Glee's Sue Sylvester's voice in my head while writing the above,
just so you understand the context ... | Is that too old-skool/2011 a reference?}

To those people I say,

"People, there's no secret. Oh, actually there is. Just isolate the three things you do all week that aren't: laundry, bookshelf rearrangement, perusing the IKEA collections, sleeping, eating, drinking coffee, binge-watching everything on Netflix, or working, and make them sound considerably more substantial than, er, all the other things. And then spend hours on Giphy trying to portray those three events in apposite animated form."

*Nobody really says that. They think it**, but they don't say it.
**Nobody really thinks that. 80% of my life happens in my head.

We all know those people on Facebook who only ever depict the best and most fabulous things to happen to them, although those things seem to be better and more fabulous than anything you would ever be able to post:

  • OMG, just got crowned head of state! #callmeHRH
  • Rough moving day. Movers lost 3 of our Monets, the horses can't be moved from the stables 'til next week and there are boxes in 57 of the 80 rooms. #passthebolly
  • YAY! Desdemona just got the best sixth birthday pressie ever -- accepted into Oxbridge!!!!! #soproud #childgenius

to the point whereby you cannae take it any more and you hide the offending braggarts or unfriend them completely.

{Reza Farazmand | Poorly Drawn Lines | from here, via Pinterest}

Yyyyeah. Basically, this blog is nowt but the edited highlights of each week.

Because if I depicted all the laundry, bookshelf rearrangements (hey, you have to allow me one or two -- ditto the IKEA perusals), sleeps, eats, coffee-guzzles, Netflix binge-watches and, God forbid, work, anything too quotidian (and those Decluttering tallies come very close), then this wouldn't be the Summary you know and indulge on a weekly basis.

{"What even is this?!"}
(And you'd probably be hitting the Hide QB/Unfriend buttons prettyquicksmartish.)

Perhaps I should post a 'real-life' Summary one week and you'll understand why you get all the good material.

Or, a Hum-Drum-mary, if you would indulge me.

Which brings me to the good material. Or the publishable material.

One does not wish to brag.

This week, I have mostly been ...

Perusing the IKEA collections

Darn-nabbit, it's like a disease.

{Verdict? It's beginning to look a lot like ...}


Still. What can I say? There's a lot of identification to do. Non-fiction is notoriously slower to read than fiction.


I've added 30 Rock to my catalogue.

And I love it. Not only is each episode half an hour long so the binge-watch guilt is reduced, but there's also New York scenery. And men who value good grammar:

Also, this documentary which is definitely worth pre-ordering or viewing at one of the public showings, especially if you're of a creative/designerly bent in the digital age.

I shared the trailer last week but here it is again because it's worth a look:

Made me want to screen-print, in a big way.

And I'm just catching up on the latest full episode of Gareth Malone: The Naked Choir on iPlayer (because the episode of CSI:NY I was watching over dinner involved a case of fragrant gangrene, which is barely conducive to, er, enjoying my Sunday night pork belly fix).

Sons of Pitches for the win. Please?


You'd think that QB Heights was a Spartan Scandinavian-style apartment by now:

{Photo: Birgitta Drejer/Sisters Agency | via sfgirlbybay}
with all that Chuck-tober-ing but no, there are still things.

Many things.

That said, I'm getting there. I spent Friday night rearranging all the living room shelves (no, really, I did that and I make no apologies; this is me keeping it real):

The spaces are soon to be filled with vinyl, admittedly, but there is now actual Space. And Order. Which pleases me greatly.

... I won't bore you with the tally this week, though. In all honesty, it's the usual. Books. The odd article of clothing. Odd items of kitchenware. A DVD or two. You get the picture.

Eating Out ...

... with the Church 'Youth' Contingent/the Demographic Formerly Known As the 18-30s group/AKA SoNIC [stands for Social Network In Church ... I know, I know, but I invented the name when I was YOUNG, goshdarnit] -- essentially, a group of us who are now under 50, basically, at local Indian eatery Mela, which was once Pizza Organic and prior to that Pizza Piazza -- that's how long I've lived here, folks.

The place usually looks dead from the outside (to be frank) but was definitely lively on Saturday night. (Admittedly, we brought the liveliness with us.)

The food was delicious. The company was, of course, even more delectable, diverse, and very entertaining. The staff, well, they were attentive, up until the point whereby we were considering dessert or trying to pay the bill, and then they couldn't be seen for the back-spray of table disinfectant, which was a distinct hint that they were ready to lock up for the night, so no dessert for us. But still.

A great night.

I like this whole having-a-social-life thing. The having-friends-thing is also pleasing to me.

Becoming an Internet Sensation***

*** ... is a laughably inaccurate description of the next little aside but what the hey.

I'm on Google Street View, y'all. Strutting down my street like '77-era Travolta:

but with no pot o' paint, and slightly less bouffy hair. Slightly.

{Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk ...}
Immortalised (for at least a year) by Google. I've arrived.

All those young vlogger upstarts can jog right on.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds

Just a couple this week:
  • This boy, singing Whitney Houston | via Charlie:
  • I found this some weeks back; it's weird as heck, but still tickles me greatly | Lionel Richie, Hello, Musicless Musicvideo | by Mario Wienerroither

Which I was reminded of by this:

Is it me you're looking for?


I'll be off then.

I'd just like to say thank you to you all for your continued readership/indulgence of The Quirky Brunette and the Sunday Summary. I'm aware I've done few to almost no namechecks this week but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate you.


Signing off -- jusqu'a la prochaine ...

qb xx

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