Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday Summary | with added Guinness smear

Hello to you, and happy Sunday!

I can't tell you how excited I am to launch into another week ...

... Because I'm not.

Great weekends spoil me for the week, they really do.

(Oh, except Tuesday night which will be marvellous.)

But aside from that ...

This week, I have mostly been ...


... and furiously identifying with pretty much every other sentence of:

{with thanks to Evie for this giftette!}

You may remember that just under a year ago I shared this TED talk by Susan Cain which is a condensed explanation of the themes in her book.


Oh, the usual ... Gilmore girls. Always with the Gg. How did I consider myself to be truly living before I unlocked US Netflix, eh?

{Oh, Luke. I love you a bit.}
Also, gradually easing myself back into:

{Hey! We're walkin' here! | CSI:NY}
but also having a moment with:

{Ghost Whisperer}
I don't remember GW being this schmaltzy, but I also don't remember it being as sad as it is, either.

Disturbing the Neighbours

... with rousing and impassioned renditions of backlist Backstreet Boys songs:

{Kevin's eyebrows. Pure artistry, right there.}

with my bayootiful bestest Natalie, on one of our notorious 'put the world to rights' mini weekends.

We kick-started proceedings with a mini road trip:

{Wait ... who's driving?!}
to Crawley (because that's how we roll) to the Emporio Primarni where Natalie restocked her wardrobe (gnarf) and I found both my Winter Pyjamas of the Year (they have reindeer on them) and my New Favourite Accessory, oh yeah:

Back at QB Heights, Natalie finally got to open her birthday presents from me (her birthday was a month ago, that's how sadly infrequent our get-togethers are ...).

I put some sort of pasta thing together, and the night descended into shenanigans from there.

Too much of cocktails were imbibed. Too much.

And thus began the earnest dance interpretations of 80s and 90s floor-filler classics including BSB, *NSync, and Toni Basil. Yep.

There is video evidence but if I showed you any, I fear our reputations as classy women of superior integrity may be compromised and I won't have that.

You get the picture though:


Several cocktails later, we were asleep by 11pm.

It felt necessary, however, to head out in the morning for a fry-up (which I spent the rest of the day regretting but seemed like such a good idea at the time ...)

A night of silliness was long overdue though, so I regret very little. Except maybe trying to twerk. That was a bit wrong.

Celebrating Ma QB's birthday

... at a charmin' local pub, The Home Cottage, where the waiters have squeaky shoes and manage to spill wine and beer over a formerly pristine table, where Sis' order of ham hock comes out (after quite a wait all round, admittedly, but worth it) looking like, well, a serving of half a pig, and where Tia Maria coffees send Ma QB into a fit of lushlike ecstasy:
{... | Photo by Sis}
I even made a cake. I repeat, I made a cake. Nigella's Chocolate Guinness cake, to be exact. And in the process I made an apocalyptic mess of my kitchen:

{... or, an achocalypse, if you will ...}
just to prove I actually made the cake and didn't buy it in or anything (I doubt anyone would ever think otherwise) ...

{via here

Well, the intent was good if the outcome was slightly ... quirky.

Happy Birthday, Ma QB. Love oo. xxxx

Stripping the Willow

... with varying degrees of success at the church barn dance.

I love a good barn dance, me, and this one was particularly good if only because it was ever so slightly chaotic. Some of the dances descended into shambolism with people going the wrong way or changing partners -- or genders -- halfway through, or passing up or down their sets more times than were necessary (which Julie and I totally did not do, nope, never ...).

{Don't be fooled; it was not as sedate as the photos might suggest ...
My lovely peeps in the bottom corner: Reg, Julie and Lauri}
The caller for the band (The Oddbods, though I'd dispute there were plenty of those on the floor dancing, myself included) must have been at her wits' end by the close of the night: "Not that right foot, the other right foot..." but everyone threw themselves into the dances with gay abandon and it was a shame when we came to the last dance. We all had more in us, I'm sure.

Continuing the gradual declutter for ...

Oct 5: sports water bottle
Oct 6: book
Oct 7: plastic sunglasses
Oct 7b: spare airer from man-cupboard in hallway donated to downstairs neighbours
Oct 8: mug
Oct 9: DVD
Oct 10: books (Natalie and Ma QB helped by taking a good lot of spare books* off my hands)
Oct 11: pack of suitcase locks (unopened, from that ol' man-cupboard again) 

Of course I may have then counteracted the good decluttering work by buying that excellent circus sign thingybob but we'll gloss over that. I also cleared three lever-arch files' worth of old magazine content that I never look at so, QB for the win.

I feel ... slightly cleansed and stuff.

* "spare books". An oxymoron, surely?

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, llamas, miscellaneous others, I interrupt this missive to bring you the ever so slightly worrying news that I am one pin away from having pinned 5,000, er, pins. (Have I used the word 'pin' quite enough yet?)

Admittedly a lot of recent pins are links to articles in those magazines I've thrown out in physical form to continue the declutterage but still ...

I believe a Pintervention may be in order ...

Oh but this, though:

Weekly Web Finds


  • A double dose of James Bay again this week (I've been trying to pinpoint who he sounds like and I've alighted on 'early James Morrison' which is not a bad comparison) |

    1) Let it Go 

(oh, now, you know it's not that one) duet with Ed Sheeran

2) Let it Go | with rather wondrous modern dance interpretation (chor: Talia Favia, dancers: Chaz Buzan and Courtney Schwartz). Watch either. Or both. Or neither. It's entirely up to you. No pressure. | on YouTube | via Jo

Silly and Spurious
{via here}
  • This made me smile (thanks, cousin Richard -- and this may be your first Sunday Summary mention!):

  • And finally, this, which just about tops "Freddie Starr ate my hamster": | via The Poke

Stay groovy.

qb xx

PS Not sure how I've got through a whole SS without any mention of JOS or CHARLIE so here it is. HELLO, JOS AND CHARLIE. You're marvellous, mmmkay? xxx

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