Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Summary

Well, good evening, lovelies! *doffs cap*

Hope you've all had good weeks. Especially you, Natalie, Ms Birthday Girl. Epic amount of love going out to you.

This week, normal service has resumed at QB Heights.

That is, I got up, went to work, came home.

Oh! And I sang -- or at best made a pitchy, warbly noise that approximated singing. Welcome back, Voicerox!

There were no parties (although in all fairness I was invited to two -- a book launch and a birthday -- but alas transport logistics put the kibosh on both...).
No coffee meet-ups.
No afternoon teas.

{These snazzy ladies can't believe someone so awesome
can be so socially desolate ...}
But it's OK: I'm building up to another couple of epic weekends. I've been preserving my energy.

Ergo, expect much media, many gifs and plentiful padding in this issue of the Sunday Summary.

Oh, you're so welcome.

This week, I have mostly been...

{the sequel to this}


Oh dear.
Oh dearie dear.
Oh dearie dearie dear.

All the things. I've been watching ALL THE THINGS.

It's been a very screen-heavy week this week (my poor brain wot likez dem boox 'n' stuff is all the feels of neglectified).

I blame my friend Helen.

If she hadn't told me there's a crafty (and legit, most likely...) way to change the regional address on your browser/tablet to allow you to access US Netflix (and other regional Netflixes, fyi) I wouldn't have any access to:

-- Gilmore Girls (squee!)

{They're talking about Netflix-Binge-Watching Friday Nights. Surely.}

-- CSI:NY (excuse me while I resurrect my truly odd crush on Gary "Mac Taylor/Lieutenant Daaan" Sinise)
{Something ripe in the air there, Mac?...}

-- this odd film that my workmate had recommended: Welcome to Me

-- and a rather good film adaptation of Judy Blume's beautiful but oh-so-sad novel Tiger Eyes.

(The fillum is screenwritten by the great woman herself and directed by her son, so it's about as true to the book as it could possibly be. *snivels*)

My To-Watch list now currently boasts:

Grey's Anatomy
30 Rock
Ghost Whisperer
(Apparently, that's Rebecca "lovely Emma off of Flying Doctors" Gibney at the beginning of the trailer, there. Yep.)

Oh! And The Fall. The actual Fall!

{I don't know but I'm hoping you'll tell me, Stella...}

If I go into full hermit mode, you'll know why.

On top of all that, I also got me cultural viewing on with the short adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover on iPlayer.

{image via here // BBC Pictures/Hartswood Films}

Oh, Mellors... you're not nearly broad-northern (or filthy) enough but by mercy, you'll do.

There may also have been an hour of Gareth Malone thrown in there, discovering Who He Thought He Was.

Oh, and thank you Norgstar (or rather Norgstar's brother) for sharing this plonkin' excellent old-skool Mitchell-and-Webb parody of Hitchcock's Rebecca. David Mitchell as Danvers. Freaky as heck.

...All right, enough. Seriously. Please. Someone point me t'wards them wyrdz in one of them boox again, before my eyeballs shrivel up.

Oh! This will do!

Many, many thanks to Evie for sending me this beauty. Look! It has bees on the cover! Bees!

This feels like an apposite time to share this absolute gem of a parody video (with massive thanks to Jojo for getting this under my radar just in time for the Summary!) -- it's all about them books...:

Pinterest Pin of the Week

(Bi-)Weekly Web Finds

Serious (ish)

Silly and Spurious

Or this:
  • Toddler sings Les Mis | the darkness of the lyrics aside, seriously, how does this child at three know all the words and a lot of the dynamics of a very complicated song?! | on YouTube (found via Metro)

{Gone with the Windows XP. Snorfle.}

  • Also, Barbie's gone hipster (and she's a bit smug on social media; there's a surprise!) | via The Poke (aaah, heck with it -- it's actually cute, clever, well-observed and sardonic, and I like that)
{via here // Socality Barbie's Instagram account is here}

  • This baby cries when his favourite book comes to an end (he'd better avoid Harold Fry, then; that will mess him up for life...) | via BoredPanda:

{via here}

  • This new cultural phenomenon has hit newsagents everywhere (probably): Teenage Mutant Ninja Nosing. It's a thing. Yep. Just... draw a ninja turtle face on a celebrity nose and you're away. | on The Poke
{I 'nose', right? It's hilarious! OK, mildly amusing at best.}

{Well, all righty then! | via here}

Ma QB, this seems... mmm... familiar... ;-)

Now, please brew up a cuppa, tweak that last chocolate HobNob* from the packet (*other biscuit varieties are available) or throw back that bag o' Frazzles** (**other bacon-flavour snacks are available but why even would you bother with them?) and brace yourself for some alarming news:

There will be no Sunday Summary for the next two weeks.

{Yeah, sorry 'bout that, Jareth...}
Before you start trolling me in the comments or spiking my food with mushrooms or some such awfulness, this is not to say I won't end up writing a post of some description.

Chill yer boots, readers.

But, here's the deal: for the next two Sundays I'm going to be QB unplugged (like Clapton, but slightly less beardy), with limited access to wifi, but hopefully unlimited creativity.

Sorry (not sorry) ... but even quirksters need a(nother) holiday. And a break from the bombardment of stimuli that is 'social' flipping media. (She says, posting this announcement on, er, social media.)

Now's the time.

Will this gif of a very bouncy llama make up for it?

No? Oh.

But fear ye not, I'll be back!

qb xx

PS Kate O, I still owe you a Mars Bar for the Spot the Flamingo contest some weeks back.
I don't forget.
Oh, except I did.
But not for long.

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