Sunday, 27 September 2015

Absinthe makes the tart glow yonder

Or something.

I'm aware that in spite of my protestations to the contrary, I've been totes unable to construct anything vaguely Sunday Summary-ish for two. Whole. Weeks. I should be smote down by smotey things.

Except, I've actually been Doing Stuff. Seeing People. Eating. Drinking. Writing. Posing. Paddling. Photographing. All these delightful human-interaction things that take time away from documenting aforementioned human-interaction things. Hashtag #live etc etc.

I've been here and here (Devon-shire, Shrop-shire, all the shires, all the trains, all the time):
and it's going to take me flipping yonks (or, at least every evening this week) to compile a Summary worthy of my travels over the last two weekends but by George (and by Jo) I will flipping well try.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty.

Please smile beatifically at this gif of a cute yawning piglet in the meantime:

And kindly enjoy this song, of which up to about five days ago I had no knowledge. It has now rocked my pop socks so many times it's now moved on to rock various other miscellaneous items of clothing. Yep. I give you: James Bay | Hold Back the River.

Normal service will probably resume at some point in the future.

qb xx

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