Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Summary

Warning: A quiet week does not an elaborate Sunday Summary make; expect padding and surplus photos. Thankyouplease.

This week, I have mostly been...


which I finished mid-week, passed onto Ma QB; I'm now reading this:


{Skins, Series 6}

...I now have a solar-powered flamingo (named Flappy, since you ask) 

whose acting skills trump some of the youffs in Series 5 and 6 but hey. Watching Skins just makes me grateful I was a prissy teenager living in Kent in the 1990s and not a damaged teenager living in Bristol in the 00s. Is all. :-)

Oh and more of this:

{Flight of the Conchords}

And finishing off with a soppy serving of this:

{via IMDB}

Spending quality time...

...especially with family and friends

Friday night looked like this...

as fabulous friends Natalie and Gaby descended (or, more accurately ascended) on QB Heights for a comparatively civilised evening of curry and catch-up (a long time coming with Gaby in residence).

However, there was also silliness, there were selfies, there were Sexy Soleros:

{Malibu + Mango Juice = Sexy Solero | Photo by Nats}
there were waffles and there were wigs. Natch.
{Photo by Nats}
And in the morning there was the obligatory restorative trip to the greasy spoon for sustenance.

{Getting my coffee fix ON | Photo by Nats}
As if that weren't enough...

Saturday night looked like this...

{Finding my inner rock chick "grrrr" courtesy
of Bonnie Tyler and Charlie | Photo by Jos,
which I siphoned liberally off Facebook...)

Yes, that would be a splendid night of karaoke, sausage rolls, Prosecco and Chambord a chez Jos and Ken, in the excellent company of, well, our hosts, natch, and the Song Club Collective: Charlie, Alun, Ali, Martin, Al, Paul, and later, Dan.

There were a good few 'comedy' numbers tackled for a change: The Ballad of Barry and Freda, anyone? Here's the original: (And yep, Jos and Charlie, it's a very fast song to sing...!)

Much respect also needed to be given for Alun's excellent rendition of 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'eBay' parody:

I will need to be bribed not to share a snippet of Martin and Alun's superlative performance of So Macho at some point in the future. It was a treat. But you'll have to wait and see if it'll ever see the light of day...

I do however apologise to the Collective, as I've brazenly called it, for the shambolic vocal stylings during Avalon (I'll work on those...!) and for selecting Tragedy, which lived up to its name and a half.

But a top night nonetheless. Friends are indeed free therapists. 

(Wisdom courtesy of Pinterest, probably.)


Oh, you know you've missed my perambulation posts(!)

This very afternoon, friend Julie and I headed out for a two-hour-ish trot around the locale -- for me this was the first 'long' walk since that really epic long walk I did that I'm not sure I've mentioned on here since, oh, last weekend... 

And for Julie it was a warm-up for her week of undertaking the bulk of the Grand Union Canal walk.

We covered 6.7 miles (it was to be just over 7 miles but Julie flagged up a fabulous shortcut and the rest was history) and ended up in the Toby Carvery. Which is always a fitting post-perambulation pastime.

Pinterest Pin of the Week

Weekly Web Finds
{via here}
And finally... just because... here are some flamingos. Confused flamingos.

Stay groovy.

qb xx

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