Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...


{It's an Egmont book. And this picture does
not do the cover full justice. There's gold foil,
y'all! It's a veritable chocolate-box of a book}

... Flight of the Conchords

So, I finished House. I finished The 4400. I finished Orange is the New Black (to date, and I miss it -- please come back soon!).

I finally finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, after pressing pause on the first three episodes and then rediscovering them - the programme really warmed up a few eps in. It's definitely worth it for Titus.

And for Jane "blimey, I remember her from National Lampoon's Vacation, Ally McBeal and even from Stepping Out" Krakowski's flipping excellent comic timing.

And for the ear-worm of a theme tune:

Having halted on Breaking Bad I needed something more lighthearted to binge-watch. And thus, I remembered that a workmate had lent me her Flight of the Conchords DVD set a thousand years ago (or, in December). 

Yes, again, I'm super-late to this party.

It's an introvert thing.

Murray the band manager is The Office's David Brent with a Kiwi accent, and the impulse to give him a good slap upside the hid is great; but I'm a little bit in love with the combo-Jemaine-and-Bret package.

And the Bowie episode was just superb, with Jemaine rather excellently taking off various manifestations of David Bowie to inspire Bret to feel better about himself (with mixed results).

FOTC is a little like Glee, with all the bursting into song, but also, not -- it's not kitsch or cheesy, it's just silly and peculiar. And the pair's lyrics are genius.

I've also been watching Third Rock from the Sun but at times it's excruciatingly sexist. I don't remember it being that backward in the 90s but I s'pose I wasn't as tuned in to everyday sexism back then...

Listening vinyl

...on my new record player.

Like the edgy hipster I am.

It's a red GPO Stylo turntable (bought from the emporium of hip known as Tesco of all places), an upgrade on the ION USB one I bought in haste last year (and am repenting at leisure because I cannae plug it into external speakers -- #firstworldproblem -- it's still available to buy off me for £20), bought with birthday money from Pa QB (ta, Papa) and yes, that's probably an microscopically-warped ABBA album spinning hipsterishly away there.

Love it. LOVE IT.

It felt necessary, therefore, to pop into the Red Cross shop to peruse their vinyl selection. Would have been rude not to. Came away with two singles (Crowded House and Terry Jacks -- my music tastes are nowt if not eclectic).

{Gratuitous arty-farty vinyl Instagram | Pretentious? Moi?}

Buying More Books a by-product of meeting lovely Ms Evie for cake, coffee and much-needed chatter at Foyles on Wednesday. Sometimes this QB just needs some quality down-time in the presence of a friend who Gets my Passion for a Penguin Classic, and, more importantly, who happens to be a very good listener.

And Ms Evie even managed to exercise great willpower in the presence of books whereas I? Not so much.

The Spoils of Foyles
  • One cocktail book
  • One contemporary read
  • and one Penguin Little Black Classic


(with apologies to Jill!)

"But what's new?" I hear you wail into your Sunday-evening-qb-reading-accompaniment-cup-of-tea-and-slice-of-Battenberg/glass-of-wine-and-packet-of-Frazzles; QB is nothing if not a prize waffler. This post? Case in point.

No, my friends, you've got me all wrong.

My birthday pressie from my work team this year was this splendiferous gadget:

which handily corresponded with McVitie's temporarily withdrawing my favourite toasting waffles from Sainsbury's (again with the first-world problems):

Anyway, I think it's safe to say once you go home-waffling you'll never go back to shop-bought especially when you can do exciting things like reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe, or spice up your wafflage with a pinch of cinnamon, or nutmeg, or oregano if you reach for the wrong pot out of your spice cupboard (that hasn't happened yet but never say never...).

Here's evidence of my first effort in which I didn't quite understand the "pour a blob of batter in the middle of the moulds" instruction:

Still tasted pretty darn shhhhweet though (with chocolate spread on top, since you ask).

My ultimate waffling challenge, though, should I choose to accept it, is to recreate my favourite breakfast from the New York trip (have I mentioned that lately? No? Well... Oh and I also walked 100k in May, have I mentioned that lately...? #changetherecordalready):

Well, I have leftover batter (!), peaches and ice cream.

What more could a girl want (apart from maybe a slightly faster metabolism)?

Challenge: ACCEPTED.

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...because I'm not so much linking these days as just plain embedding. But 'embedding' isn't really as alliterative a word. Oh the dilemma. Oh whatever.

Literary Linkage

Non-literary Linkage Nonsense

(See? I'm getting the hang of this name-change shenanigans now)

{via here}
{"We're drinking to numb the pain of the contrivance of this situation. Yep."}
  • And in case my reluctance to get involved in any sort of contrived dating hellishness isn't quite transparent enough, here are some lovely cartoons about being an introvert. Many ring true. | via Introvert, Dear (my new favourite site)
  • I honestly don't know what to make of this cover/composite of Common People by William Shatner (yes, you read that right. WILLIAM SHATNER, apparently, with Joe Jackson contributing the difficult bits that involve, er, singing) but it made me laugh. | Source: oh, I can't remember... probably The Poke

Pete Johnson, your position as the next Jarvis is still very, very secure.
  • Twitter 'sings' Tainted Love (merp merp) | via The Poke
  • Guinea pigs can swim, apparently. And they enjoy it, by all accounts | via Evie, on Facebook
  • Weekly coffee evolution | So true... except Monday's usually matches Thursday's... | via The Poke

and finally...
{"I can make that at home for free, with a tiny aubergine..."}

It's been a quiet week all in all, with a proper, great need to introvert (yes, that is a verb; you're welcome) at the weekend, so I'm afraid I've had no cause to name-check The Usual Suspects but... you know who you are, and please know that even if I'm not mentioning you this week I am thinking of you all. (And I miss you. Obvs.)

Lots of love and llamas...

qb xx

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