Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday Summary

Friends, I can't let today's Sunday Summary pass without wishing one of my most devoted readers, Charlie, hereafter known as The First Princess Charlotte -- a very Happy Birthday (again!). Woot woot!

And much like Her Maj I'm throwing out Honours left, right and centre today: for services to dance moves, gig-sourcing excellence, and the best, and funniest, Facebook posts I ever did read, I'm giving Jos a big, hearty, vodka-laced big-up.


Right, on with the show!

This week, I have mostly been...


{The commute-read}
{The bath-and-bed-read}


The last episodes of House. (Not to be confused with The Last Days of Disco starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny. Just so we're clear.)


This was me, during episode 19 of S8:

Seriously. Who stymies the best TV oncologist around by giving them cancer?! (Flipping excellent acting by my fellow boss-eyed-brother Robert Sean Leonard, though, by the way... #weirdcrush #justspookedmyselfbyrealisingthisguyalsofeaturesin...lastdaysofdisco. Subliminal?!)

That shark that House jumped and cartwheeled about on just took an extra hit of Vicodin to numb it to the pain of the dregs of this series.

And then went up in flames.

Such a shame.

As was the fact of Cuddy's noteable absence in the final, "the gang's all here, remember this lot?" episode which somehow managed to feature two dead doctors, one hugely annoying living one (Cameron), the green-card wife, and even Stacy the very-long-ago girlfriend.


Still. In spite of some weird plot jumps and character reintroductions, The 4400 is just about maintaining its integrity and interest in the last series, though the Jordan Collier-as-Messiah imagery is much too heavy-handed now.

We get it, all right?! We get it.

But, Diana and Tom = the poor man's Scully and Mulder. I like these two a lot.


All right so it was 1.74 miles in just under half an hour.

It was still a brisk walk though, and it didn't hurt The Toe too much. WIN!


...back at The Cage, to the epic vocals and generally all-round excellent musical stylings of Stephanie Davies and the Super Dynamics.

Oh the shenanigans!

{Taken before we thought performing the moves to the Macarena/
Saturday Night along to the Super Dynamics was a really good idea...} 

{I don't actually know 33% of the people in this photo...}

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Weekly Weblinks

Literary Linkage (*all from The Bookseller this week...)

And, this is just beautiful. Proper, old-fashioned book-binding:

Pretty sure you can't do this to a Kindle.
Posted by Architecture & Engineering on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Non-literary Linkage
{Photo: Jennifer S Altman for the NY Times}
  • The Clangers are back! Sneak peek of new CBeebies (#wastedontheyoung) series here:
{via here}
(I'll have to ask Ma QB if this is just a frame-by-frame remake... Glad they haven't given the Clangers human voices or anything ridiculous like that, though; that would be SACRILEGE.)

(except maybe this tiny hamster eating its tiny burritos:)

Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos!This. Is. Awesome!
Posted by Hit92.9 on Wednesday, 30 April 2014

{via the Edwynn Houk Gallery | via The Poke}

  • This Weather (Girls) app* made me smile | {on The Poke}
{* not really an app but I appreciated it anyway...}

Right, that's enough nonsense from me. I'm off to pinpoint the purpose of my existence.

And pursue happiness.

And probably throw down more ice cream. Notably these pretty little pink beauties:

{image via here}

which go down very well after one of these... pretty little pink beauties:

{Woowoo! | Pic by moi}
¡Adios, amigos!

qb xx

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  1. Oh god I'm in love with that vintage binding technique! how much craftsmanship goes into one book. I'll have a deeper respect for the old ones from now on. Thanks for sharing QB!