Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been..


Finished this one this afternoon while sitting in the park eating Jaffa Cakes. Suburban bliss.


Whip It

Walking Missing my Walking

Not gonna lie.

Having spent the last week rocking this gait:

with that dodgy toe that pretty much all of you know about if you've seen me or my Facebook Wall in the last seven days (sorry), I've been walking at a pace I can only call glacial and it's been infuriating.

I've missed walking at my usual perky pace; I've missed my trots round the block and the surprise-delight of finding a little local feast-for-the-eyes never before spotted.

Also, turns out being unable to walk makes me even more of a bore than when I was walking and telling you all about it.

Yep. I miss walking.

But thankfully, penicillin turns out to be the awesomest thing ever discovered by accident (thanks, Mr Fleming, IOU). Now been toe-pain-free for 48 hours.

I was even able to go oop toon last night for workmate Jane's most excellent party-and-amble over the Millennium Bridge whilst dressed as the London Underground:

Now where's that MapMyWalk app I've neglected for a fortnight, eh?!

...Mind you, being Limpy McLimperson did give me the chance to rediscover the joys of:

Playing the ukulele

Why yes, remember this little beauty?!

{That's Queen Mahalia to you}

I dug her out of semi-retirement (!) on Monday and we had a tentative blast through a few simple arrangements. I'm still struggling with smooth chord progressions and I can't always remember how to form some of the simple chords so I definitely need to scrub up on those but... it was fun! Behold: Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah as arranged for uke!:



So maybe it's scrappy and fragmented.
So maybe nothing novelly will ever come of it.
It's still writing and it all counts.

Last weekend on the advice of my stalwart-favourite-if-a-little-over-aspirational magazine The Simple Things I downloaded this (paid) app from the Google Play Store:

{Writing Challenge}
It works like this:

The prompts and the instructions are a little clunky, but it doesn't matter.

It's a useful exercise in threading different, and maybe conflicting, elements into a story, and seeing where they go. And most importantly, it gets you writing after several months of... not.

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And finally, some gratuitous videos... of baby goats.

Baby goats on a trampoline:

Baby goats in pyjamas:

Those crazy kids.


Stay groovy, friends.

qb xx

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