Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...


...although, in all honesty, after a day of inertia on Monday the muscles and the toes were feeling almost-back-to-normal give or take a couple of honking blisters and niggling sciatic nerve irritation. A Swedish massage on Tuesday put paid to a lot of the tension I'd been carrying in my shoulders since, oh, let's say my last massage roughly seven years ago.

{Me before... and after massage}

I also got to knock back this plate of rainbow goodness at Beryl and Peg's in Reigate before the massage:

And don't worry, while I do like my greens and I am in the throes of revisiting this book:

I'm also not going to make you all hate me by hashtagging photos with #eatclean or any such patronising shenans (what, have I been eating dirt up until now?! No, so don't judge me, Instagrammers, OK?!)

Also, I had champagne that night. Cham-chuffing-pagne. And it was stonking.

That said, in keeping with my resolution to start cooking again, yesterday I made my own pesto (or, pond slime: you decide):

This much (I'm calling it a trace amount), in accordance with the recipe in Salad Love. But I still made it. Go me!

So today I tripled the recipe, and still somehow only ended up with this much:

Seriously, do I need to be cultivating a basil farm in order to get a jar's worth?! Still, 2tbsp is all I need for this recipe:

Waitrose Courgette and Tomato Gratin | via here
which I think will be enough! (I don't like parmesan anyway.)


On Friday I finally finished this little treasure:

and it was worth it -- what a hug of a book. It's not as fluffy and by-the-numbers wannabe whimsical as the title might suggest: the characters are just superb and the turns of phrase in the letters that comprise the story are just delicious.

Watching (well, binge-watching...)

The 4400


I'm ashamed to say it took me a whole series, the words "messiah complex" and a resurrection storyline (!) to realise the significance of Jordan Collier's initials.

I mean, really?!

QB, c'mon, get with the programme already.

Incidentally, there's a saddening lack of gifs for this series. I should do something about that...


...So you thought 100k was enough of a haul to put paid to my walkerly impulse? Jamais!

You can't keep a good QB down, discombobulated toenails or not!

All right, so the aforementioned wandering was more of a gentle stroll with Ma QB around the gorgeous and transporting grounds (pronounced of course 'groynds', posh-like) of Penshurst Place but still. There was perambulation.

It was an overcast sort of a morning but the grounds (groynds) looked splendid.

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"Like most great discoveries, coffee’s magical powers were first realized
through the majesty of crazy goats." | on Distractify

And finally...
  • Here's Beyoncé dancing to the Duck Tales theme tune {via The Poke}. 

Don'tcha just love the internet?

Right, I now need to spend the rest of the day mentally preparing myself to go back to work and deal with the stress of trying to find a seat on a train at 5.30pm:

{Gromit was determined to find that one teeny remaining space between
those two enormous tourists and their sixteen cases...}
Until next time...

qb xx

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