Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...


Hanging out with this fabulous lady again

{Top | Nats and me in 2002; Bottom | Nats and me today}

Wigs happened.

Hats happened.

Malibu cocktails happened. Animal Attraction* happened. Some very creative dance interpretations happened.

Then in the morning, a fry-up.

Perfect quality friend-time, I'd say.

* Wondrously nineties film featuring wondrous Hugh Jackman...


On Saturday afternoon (when I was completely absolutely fine and not at all delicate from the shenans of the night before, I'll have you know, thank you very much), I undertook what was intended to be a three-hour walk but rocked out at four and a bit hours, with the lovely Fiona to keep me company.

The route looked a little like this:

So, not quite the intended route which looked a little like this on GPS:

and was intended to follow the Greensand Way, which, much like the flippin' Millennium Trail, flits in and out of existence as it fancies, or so it seemed.

...Or maybe I'd downloaded a ropey GPS file. Could have been that.

However! By the power of Google Maps and a route guide I'd hurriedly printed off and laminated (of course) that very morning we made our way on and off and back on the track again. Then off again. But not in a bad way. Walks with me are never uneventful, my friends.

Observe the evidence:
-- We nearly got locked inside a village hall where we stopped to utilise the facilities.
-- We saw an enormous pig.

-- I discovered I'd missed out on this cultural highlight by a week:

And Fiona nearly got run over by a twerp on a bike who gave us about two seconds' warning of his overbearing presence on the wrong side of a combo-path/cycle route.

But! We made it back to Godstone station with five minutes to go before the one-train-an-hour passed through. And we clocked up an admirable 12.13mi in 4.13 (!) hours.

Which warranted the mother of all dinners in the Carvery. Or, as I'm now calling it, the Carb-ery.

{Earlswood Lakes}
{Royal Earlswood Park, or, Downton? You decide...}

Then, on Sunday, because much like Grace Jones, I'm a Slave to the Rhythm... of a well-planned Training Programme, I was off again, this time for a pleasantly short two-hour stint ending in Rahgate.

Which I did, by the way. Except that doggone Map My Walk app decided to crash upon entry to Priory Park, thus erasing all clever GPS evidence of aforementioned walk. Grr. Will you believe I actually did it without the mapping evidence?! I have supplementary photos, if that helps...

And I've managed to reconstruct the actual route -- roughly -- here:

I was never supposed to go through Felland Copse to get to Lonesome Lane (best local road name around, after Rabies Heath Road...), but I did, and what a happy accident -- it was beautiful. 

I've somehow omitted the fact that having crossed a lovely field or two off Clayhall Lane (intentionally -- there was a public footpath and everything)

{Revisiting my 1990s paisley bandana fetish}
I ended up bypassing someone's back garden (oops) and being officiously mewled at by a very territorial marmalade cat. I hotfooted out... and ended up bypassing another, random, field that I certainly wasn't supposed to be in.

Still managed to make it back on to Park Lane and, eventually, into Priory Park where I was due to meet a friend, Debbie, for a coffee!

My defiance of the plotted route was clearly too much for MMW though, and a big fat error message flashed up to greet me as I tried to save the route. Gah.

Oh well. I know I did the time. My legs know I did the time. Conscience = clear.

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Well, I'm afraid that's all we've got time material for this week.

Until next time... rock on!

qb xx

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