Sunday, 26 April 2015

Special Guest Post | A reunion with Great Britain

Friends! Today, I am mostly... handing over to my little friend norgstar for a Special Guest Post! qb xx

Greetings - with spring now in full bloom, it has given us a teaser on what we can expect for this summer. Time to think about packing away those thick jumpers and exposing those shocking blubbery bits.
The warmth has also reminded me what its like to be back in the sun after months without it. I have been back in Blighty for precisely 4 months after relocating back from 11 years in Valencia, and I can tell you I still do not regret my decision.

Mad, you might think. But when you have distanced yourself from Britain for such a long period of time you come back seeing things through the eyes of a foreigner and love all those quirky things that makes Britain truly great.
This month I have re-discovered the use of the humble tea pot - and boy has one earl-grey to two "builders" never tasted so good, accompanied by a stack load of Kipling cakes that I swear get smaller every year?
Reunited with the glory of the humble car boot sale in a sunny field and surrounded myself in the Oh-so-simple scent of sweet cut grass and apple blossom. Yes these things are simple - much like me these days but you forget these small pleasures when they have been replaced by fireworks and fiestas, ludicrous heat, dry dust and tumble weeds.

This sweater was a one-pound bargain, and I can proudly wear that I am totally and utterly obsessed with Walter & Jessie in the Breaking Bad series - yeah I know, it came out ages ago but did I mention I've been away? I've got some catching up to do and in the words of Jessie - "What-up Bitch!"
Then there has been the discovery of British beaches of which I have never before visited - Weymouth was the place of choice this week and it really had quite a lot of pebbles. A sea of them in fact. But although the sea was beautiful on such a fantastic day, there was a general lack of omfph in the town and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed. Industrial on one side and nothingness of the other. The houses were standard grey blocks and unappealing as a place to live in. Where were the nice seaside shops? the ice cream vans? the cute little beach huts? There wasn't a single bin nearby meaning piles of little black doggy poo bags littered the floor by the only beachside café doorway (which incidently closed at 4:30pm meaning that quid we'd just dropped in the parking meter went to waste) and generally it was all a bit soulless. I shall however explore more in the coming months...
Weymouth beach from Sea Life Tower - photo by norgstar
Weymouth Beach complete with lovers, ahhh - photo by norgstar
However there were some lovely wooden carvings along the sea river bridge which was rather lovely, some cracking views. And in celebration of the launch of Conchita Wurst's book "Being Conchita" publicized at LBF last week. I managed to pay homage to her in this picture with my very own bird (minus the beard) 
Georgina without beard but with Phoenix - norgstar 
Which brings me to this little beauty I found of Expert blogger Beth a few summers ago, sporting a Calamari tash. Hmm doesn't suit you love - but the food certainly does and I for one will be getting the best of both worlds by heating up my fryer in the coming summer months to create some delicious tapas here in lovely England.
Quirky Manuel "I'm from Barcelona" - photo by norgstar
Weymouth. I left my heart at the beach - photo by norgstar
Till next time!


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