Monday, 6 April 2015

Monday Missive and Awesome April Day 06

Happy Easter to you all -- hope it's been a good, fulfilling weekend (and week) for you too!

This week, I have mostly been...


Not a bad read, engaging, and the characters are believable to a point, but compared with the excellent All the Bright Places I thought My Heart... trivialised depression somewhat, as if it could only be caused by external forces, not by a chemical imbalance.

Now about to begin:


...House, Season 7. And, well, this just happened. SQUEE!

{#huddy <3}
And on Saturday night, Ma QB and I binge-watched three episodes of

{Poldark... le sigh...}
When it comes to dark, brooding heroes, I'll hand it to Aidan Turner's Ross Poldark: he's almost up there with Toby Stephens' Mr Rochester. Almost.

Episode 4 followed on Sunday, with just a short interval before (the somewhat slow and not nearly as objectifiable) Episode 5. I've definitely grown into ye olde period dramas though... Nothing to do with all the (Pol)dark, brooding heroes, of course, ohhhh no.

But on that note, can we please just have a moment for...

Playmobil Poldark

{'Romelza' | via Play Cornwall}
Oh and also...

I swear, what with this and the Plarchers there's a Playmobil cult in the making, and I like to think I could be the Grand Priestess, leading the way with my annual animations. Yep. Claiming that crown, babies.


Again. Yep. I should warn you now that for the next month and a half walking updates will remain a mainstay of my Summary. It's taking over my life, I tell thee, but I don't begrudge a single mile. Or kilometre, whatevs. After all,

Ohhh no. One must simply train until one's legs are whittled down to mere stumps.

This Easter weekend saw the QB Walkometer clock up another 22 miles (or, yep, 35k in new money).

On Good Friday I joined Ma and Pa QB and friends for a gentle mosey round Shoreham (Kent, not West Sussex):

{St Peter & St Paul Church, Shoreham}

{St Peter & St Paul Church, Shoreham}

Then feeling particularly hardcore

(sorry) Pa QB and I went for a far less genteel trog across the bogs from Hildenborough through to Hadlow, covering the distance of just over a half marathon in just under four-and-a-half hours. Not bad going! We did stop for a spot o' lunch en route -- ham, egg and chips with a cheeky lunchtime beverage.

Lesson learned. Remind me NEVER to walk on a cheeky lunchtime beverage again. Leads to legs of lead, I tell thee.

{Tonbridge Castle looking mean and moody}

{Can you spot Hadlow tower on the horizon...?}

And today I clocked up my programme's obligatory 50 minutes (3.5 miles) using Map My Walk's fairly decent Route Genius function (you give it a desired mileage, it maps you a route. Simplez). 

MMW can also coach you along the way with a very funny deadpan voiceover. "Great workout." "Way. To. Go." "76% completed. Go you. Whoop whoop." All right, that last part was a slight exaggeration (it tells you the percentage completed but does not whoop. Nor does it give you a high-five. Though it should).

Outside the office of course (!), I do my best brainthinking on foot. On Saturday, I found myself wishing that I'd appreciated more the holidays we took in Exmoor when I was a teen. All this walking in the countraaayside I've been doing lately is turning me into a right little outdoorsy bumpkin (she says, writing from her stuffy little sitting room), and I just wish I'd appreciated those pastoral pastimes more when I was younger, instead of burying myself in fantasies of California beaches and completely feasible romances with various members of the cast of Grease. Sigh.

Hugging Hens

Yes, in pursuit of full bumpkindom I have been bonding with my three feathered sisters, at last. And they don't 'arf produce good eggs. Small but perfectly formed and mighty tasty too (the eggs, let me just clarify...).

{Hangin' with ma homegirls}
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Enjoy the short working week, friends!

qb xx

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