Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday Summary

Happy Sunday, you lovely people, and may I say a big thank you to all of you who've commented on previous posts over the last week. Oh, what the heck, in fact over the last year. Thank you for reading!

Big awkward Sheldon-Penny hugs to you all.

This week, I have mostly been...

Spring-cleaning (well, sort of)

A new year requires a new look an' all that, so to that end, I've streamlined the blog a little bit.

There's now a Pinterest widget to your right, so if you're into that sort of thing you can browse the boards and pins at will, rather than scroll through ten near-identical images of flapper dresses, camels or motivational quotes by someone we've probably never heard of. (Confession: I do like a motivational quote.)

{Permission to be quirky? Thank you,
Mandy Hale. Whoever you are.}

And up to your left, you'll spy a Goodreads widget, although I will still be dropping into conversation the book/s I'm currently reading. Fear ye not, bibliophiles.

Oh and there will also always be plenty o' gifs.

Rewatching | The Fault in Our Stars

So... many... feels... (and yes, I am 36 not 16 but nevertheless...)

and a choice episode of 1990s Mark McManus-era Taggart featuring my crush of, oh, let's say 26 years, Peter O'Brien

with a delightfully 1990s curtain hairdo...

{It's on YouTube? What?! No!}

both on DVD and both Christmas gifts. And finally...

Reviewing the Year Wot Woz

I've eschewed (bless you) the Facebook Review of 2014, and instead created my own little mini slideshow of my Photos of the Day.

You can tell the days on which I'd had zero inspiration (the bed, or my socks, or a magazine, usually features), but with the exception of one day on which I just clean forgotted and another day on which my phone died, taking its Photo of the Day (of friends Fiona and Bianka) with it, I took a photo every day last year.

It's clear to see the prevalent themes (the Voicerox lovelies, the work tribe, the morning view from Imperial Wharf, coffee, wine, cake, legs, skies, churches, swim-selfies...).


Weekly Weblinks

Literary Linkage
Non-literary Linkage
*Fear Of Missing Out  | **Joy Of Missing Out

Have good weeks, good people. First day back on the coalface tomorrow. This will be moi:

And good luck to Evie who starts her new role tomorrow. We will miss you but you will rock! Here's a motivational penguin just for you:

qb xx

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