Wednesday, 31 December 2014

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Wow. This blog post title isn't laboured at all, is it (!)

As it's New Year's Eve I'm doing what all hip young folk are doing at this time, and making elaborate plans... to stay in, watch Strictly Ballroom for the umpteenth time

feverishly cough up some promises to myself which I will of course endeavour to keep but please don't hold me to that, drink something bubbly, set off some Poundland deluxe party poppers, then head off to bed round about 12.06am. 

Good times.

But first, kindly allow me to disclose what I have, this week, mostly been doing*...

Reading | the last 3 books in my 2014 Reading Challenge


I did it! 50 books read this year, and two days shy of NYE as well! Now to begin cultivating the new list of To-Reads. Thanks to Jo for these two recommendations to boost the list:


* Actually that's a fib. In between 
  • Seeing friends and family
  • Faring averagely in quizzes
  • Being soundly thrashed in UNO by mother...
  • Eating my bodyweight in biscuits and drinking it in fizzy tipples
  • Having about five turns on the curly wurly slide at Minor Mania with my bestest's youngest,

I've been reading.

I've also been spoilt rotten by aforementioned friends and family again this year. 

And I've bought a ukulele.


I now feel morally obliged, it being NYE, to 

Review | my Resolutions Promises to myself this time last year

So let's review, shall we? And let's throw some gifs and memes in for good measure.

I promised to: 

Read 50 books | DONE AND DONE

Complain less | Umm... I promise to try even harder this year. Deal?

Rein in my jealous streak | Again, will try a little harder this year

Save money | I did not go overdrawn this year. At all. And I paid myself back for any borderline misdemeanours. I'd call that saving. Even if I'm nowhere near being able to afford a deposit on a tiny shoebox of a house. Baby steps, friends. DONE.

Swim regularly | I did, while I had swim membership. Then the open sessions were run too late, and were too crowded. So I had to give up. New challenge for the new year coming up, however!

Create and Write | I did. I wrote. I slapped down over 50,000 words for UnOfficialNaNoWriMo in November. I created my animation. Why, I wrote this very blog with considerable if inconsistent regularity. (Oxymoron?) I'd say that was mission accomplished.

Be open to more invitations | except when they involve any sort of contrived dating experience. I'm saying a tentative Done and Done here, though, because when Charlie and/or Jos extend invites I can't resist. That's just how it is. :-) Get me to that dance floor and pronto!

Cook and bake more | Well, I bake a mean lemon drizzle loaf these days, and the slow cooker has had more outings this year than ever before but... still a lot of improvement needed on this front. Now I've recovered from Scaldgate I may try making soup again. Maybe.

Or, not.

Eat more healthily | Let's just admit this is one of those ever-so-earnest, well-meaning resolutions that we all make, which last a week. I'm striking this from the official resolutions list. Then it stands a good chance of happening.

Take a photo a day | Well, today's output is still outstanding but, yes! Done! The photostream is here and I hope to put together some sort of slideshow soonest...

I will however say that I've downplayed the photographic highlight of my year:

{NYC, baby!}

so I also need to do something about compiling those photos and captioning them before I forget where it was I even went... Because my New York trip alone was an epic step out of my comfort zone, it was a ticking-off of one more item on the ever-fluid Bucket List.

And it was the actual highlight of my year.

I promised not to:

Complain about trains | And I didn't. Quite as much. Instead I spent a great deal of time complaining about the people on the trains. 

I think I misunderstood the assignment...

Be so needy | This was a rather nebulous promise-to-self anyway, and I can't even really remember to what it referred. Everyone likes to feel needed, wanted, etc. But it's rarely a desirable quality to project this need to be wanted all the time. That's probably what I was attempting to rein in.

And finally...

Do anything I don't want to do | I won't dwell on this one for too long but I'm still trying to stick by this promise to myself. Because life is far too short to force oneself into situations in which one is almost guaranteed to feel uncomfortable.

{Kirsten Dunst, making the patented Awkward Face!}
So! What's in store for MMXV?

On Monday when I met up with Nats (aforementioned bestest) we set to writing our goals and resolutions for the coming year, thus resurrecting a tradition of bygone years when we used to review the past few months on Halloween -- always felt rather appropriate on All Hallow's Eve!

We took as our starting point this list of goal prompts from Pinterest:

A bad habit...: to be less paranoid and slightly less obsessive about things. Also to remind myself:

If this means I spend less time on Facebook, so be it...

A new skill...: I'm going to learn to play the ukulele.

A person I hope to be more like: I'm naming two people here: my Voicerox sisters, Jos and Charlie. Because they're superb.

A good deed...: I'm going to do this 100k walk from London to Brighton for charidee (The MS Society). Now, as regular readers may know I'm a little averse to boasting about charitable deeds but this is for resolution purposes so I'll have to let it slide this one time...

A place I'd like to visit: passport renewal permitting, I'm citing Dublin or Berlin!


{The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin}

A book to read: As well as those above, I want to read Wide Sargasso Sea | Jean Rhys, the prequel to Jane Eyre, written before prequels were cool...

It's an Edward Rochester thing.

A letter to write: To Natalie (in response of course to the one Nats has pledged to write to me!). Also, a new submission letter for the novel I'm determined to finish writing (off the back of NaNoWriMo).

Food to try...: One of the more exotic salads from this book (one of my Christmas gifts!)

Do better at: drinking water

I also promise to try not to put myself under pressure this year.

Well, this has taken me a suitably long time to construct so on this note I shall sign off, and wish you all a very

I hope it is indeed a happy one for each and every one of you. 


qb xx

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