Wednesday, 24 December 2014

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Hello to you, and Happy Christmas Eve!

I'm writing on location this week having happily holed up at QB Heights Senior Division since Sunday night. And I'm wearing a fluffy sheep onesie. Let's move on, shall we?

After a couple of days of tearing around, seeing friends and trying my hand at the humble ukulele (more on that later), I've finally sat down with enough scope and time to rattle out a SS of sorts.

Though, yes, it being Wednesday, these are my Wednesday Witterings, and chronology has pretty much gone out of the window. But never mind. Iiiiiit's Chriiiiiistmas!

This week, I have mostly been...

Reading | A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy

...another slender volume to give me a gentle shove closer towards my 50-books-read-this-year goal. Of course it being Hardy this collection of three novellas is somewhat florid and verbose but not unpleasantly so.

Watching | The Snowman

and Brief Encounter

but strangely have as yet had no time to fit in one of my ultimate favourite Christmas films:  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Must remedy that -- the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in, especially since on the drive home on Sunday we witnessed a great number of Griswoldian properties, with lights ablaze and inflatable Santas resplendent on front lawns. Keep it classy, Kent and Surrey, don't go changing.

Playing | the ukulelelelelele...

...or at least giving it a good go. On Monday night I went with ma and friend for the fortnightly Uke Jam which takes place in a local pub and involves a good number of folk of varying ages merrily strumming their way through pop hits and Christmas carols (not all translate neatly into a ukulele classic but that didn't matter)!

{Thanks, Macca, show me up, why don't cha?}
I've had no schooling in stringed instruments (I'm a keyboard kid), so I struggled somewhat with the fingering techniques in spite of some help from a very kind chap who even lent me his plectrum. But it was great fun to play, especially when I mastered the C and D major chords with enough gumption to be able to play just those two whenever they turned up in a song, and to sing gaily along at all other times. I may be a uke-convert. Watch this space...

Singing | Christmas carols

'Cos it's Christmas!

The carolling season officially took off two weeks ago when I joined my church family for our one-hour slot in the salubrious (but lucrative) underpass of the railway station. We raised £260 for our winter night shelter which is great-going given that it can be a little confrontational to be sung at on one's way to catch a train!

Then on Sunday night, we held our annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

I'll be honest and say I felt mildly unprepared for the whole event for a myriad reasons (anyone else have anxiety dreams about these services? Or was it just me...?). But it actually went rather splendidly, I thought...

This particular carol caused me great consternation but we actually mastered it, just about (disclaimer: this isn't the St Matthew's choir...!):

However, I'm not sure I want to hear 'Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day' again for quite a long time. Cue the inevitable anxiety dreams.

Dancin' | to The Paul Cox Band

Back in October (a gazillion years ago, in other words) a group of friends and I performed backing vocals for The Proof, fronted by Paul Cox. On Friday night, my dancing diva companions Jos and Charlie met me at potentially the most salubrious pub in town (salubrious is the word of the day...) to watch The Paul Cox Band, performing a first-half set of jazz and second-half set of pop and rock. 

And jolly good fun it was, too, in spite of my ill-founded apparent fear of the locals. (I'm sure they were all very lovely. They were however all just a bit tipsy.) Mr Cox has some serious vocal clout and it made for a great last-night-in-town before Christmas.

And... finally completing | the annual Christmas animation

Last year's endeavour went something like this:


Having blathered on about this bad boy for the last few weeks as a potential reason why nothing else in my life was getting done (!) I finally polished off my annual animation, and it received its first airing to its most discerning audience (ma and pa) on Monday afternoon. Reviews were, pleasingly, positive.

 So here it is, for your delectation. I make no apologies for the blatant product placement, punning, and overly literal interpretation of the source material.


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Well, that's all from me for now but I wish you all a very...

qb xx

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