Monday, 29 December 2014

Monday {Re}missive

Yes, friends, alas, alack, alan, I have once again been remiss in posting a Sunday Summary. My reasons are twofold:

1. I was out visiting family on Sunday


2. Blowed if I actually know what day of the week it is anyway!

The Christmas hols get like that, don't they.

And isn't it marvellous? At least up until the point where you realise you made plans to meet your second cousin for a coffee and then ran out of days. (Sorry Tim.)

Anyway. The grand plan is to post a Combo Summary-cum-Contemplation on New Year's Eve, if only just so I can hold myself accountable for all the promises I made to myself this time last year, and have, alas, alack, alan, sadly broken. Except for the fifty books read promise. I'm on my final book!

And yes, friends, I promise to put myself under less self-induced pressure next year.

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