Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Summary Slackness Alert

Hello friends

G'argh, yet again, although I carved out a Day of Solitude in which to decompress from the last three weeks' shenanigans, ergo allowing myself the time (theoretically) to write the Summary, I'm afraid I'm not feeling the impetus today, at all.

It happens like that though: I look back over, let's say, a week's adventure followed by a) a night at the theatre (Electra, starring Kristin Scott Thomas -- very profound but KST demonstrates some excellent comic timing. Oh and quite a lot of insanity), b) the return to Voicerox (woot!) and c) two rehearsals followed by d) singing back-up in a gig on Friday night (for The Proof featuring Paul Cox and Roger Cotton since you ask!)... and then e) an impromptu-spontaneous pub lunch with newlyweds Fiona and Bianka and yes this is your fourth mention in the blog, Fiona -- you are now officially famous in QB circles! ;-)

And yet rather than ruminate in writing on these events, I've found myself quietly dwelling on them and feeling, not for the first time, great fulfilment -- followed by epic comedown. It only took a couple of well-written and -timed messages from friends yesterday, and the contemplation of 'nothing to look forward to'* in the coming weeks, to reduce me to a blubbering wreck.

Hey, did someone call for a DRAMA LLAMA!?

So rather than drum myself into the ground with more sentimentality over how brilliant the last few weeks have been, I'm just going to lay low and try to re-establish my blogging routine once things have become a little more... routine, really.

But thank you all for reading. Here's a photo of a camel photobomb for your troubles:

{via The Poke}
qb xxx

* I have a lot to look forward to of course -- the events may not be on the scale of the NYC trip but they will be life highlights nonetheless. 

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