Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Summary

Why, it feels like only yesterday I last posted ... well, close enough, it was Wednesday, and in all fairness I don't have too much to report four days later but routine is the mother of, well, something positive, probably, I'm sure.

Ergo, blog post for your deliberating pleasure.

This truncated week I have mostly been...

Participating a very short leg (an ankle, really) of the National Literacy Trust's Books About Town book benches tour. Work friends Evie, Katerina, Clare and I set out on Friday afternoon intending to take in the Riverside Trail (including the War Horse bench)

But I was slightly stymied by the oppressive heat (hottest day of the year on Friday, y'all -- a fact unbeknownst to me when I dressed in jeans that morning, like an eejit) and also a deadline -- I had a hot mate-date lined up with my best chum Natalie whom I hadn't seen in months and needed to make various train connections to meet her in Tunbridge Wells.

In short I was a little pot of heat and stress all afternoon which did not a great combination make for such an endeavour.


We did however manage to take in some lovely, lovely ice cream from Scoop in Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden:

{Chocolate fondant and cherry, as I recall... some ended up on Clare's leg. Best not to ask.}

before tracking down the Hercule Poirot bench in Bloomsbury Square Gardens:

{Tom Adams (artwork) Created by Mandii Pope}

as well as the James Bond stories bench (on which a young lady was perched, reading, and she was not moving for anyone -- not even four eager bookanistas clearly trying to take photos, hence the back of the bench photo here from me -- complete with back of the head shot of aforementioned loiterer):

{Artist: Freyja Dean}

And before time and heat took their toll, we also managed to pass Queen Square (near Russell Square) and pay a visit to the Jane Austen | Pride and Prejudice bench (Lizzy, here, looking uncannily like Jennifer Ehle, no?)

{Artist: Charlotte Brown}

I don't know as yet how many more benches the girls managed to view before the end of the day but in terms of taking the tour, I shall have to try again soon, especially as I want to see
this bench in particular:
{Girl Engrossed | designed by Andrea Joseph}

Celebrating friends Fiona and Bianka's upcoming nuptials with an afternoon tea 'hen party' at the glorious Nutfield Priory Hotel:

Ol' Crazy Eyes McGee celebrating the fact she's co-ordinated her jewellery with her beverage...

Tea included coffee, finger sandwiches (on, amongst others, beetroot bread! Delicious. I need to look up a recipe), scones with cream and jam, cakes, and...

orange posset in a mini Mason jar. Yes.

'Twas a splendid, civilised afternoon (just about!), complete with two very loved-up ladies, and some terrific anecdotes!

This was followed in similarly classy form* by a spot of karaoke with a good number of my Voicerox lovelies, many of us more or less forgetting all the discipline of the last ten months of rehearsal and just belting 'em out (The Whole of the Moon, anyone)?

* I only jest a little...

Still reading

It's very tempting to reread everything I covered at GCSE and A-Level -- my perspective on literature is inevitably different at 36 from 16 years old. I still don't necessarily grasp all the subtext and symbolism, but I can more fully appreciate the work of a great author.

Now, where did I put that copy of Of Mice and Men...?

Watching | Spaced

This series first aired in the late nineties and I'm only just cottoning on to its brilliance now via the magic of 4OD.

And it's just dawned on me that I've been watching the whole series out of sequence. Oh well. The strength of its brilliance lies in its being as comprehensive in isolation as in sequence. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Oh and I think I love Brian a bit.

Weekly Weblinks

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic takes you to task on "Word Crimes" (from Blurred Lines -- a marvellous cover with the small hitch of the songwriter dropping in a term that is still considered derogatory in the UK regardless of how it's used in the US. This is your disclaimer alert.)

Until the next time... Tatty-bye!

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