Wednesday, 16 July 2014

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Hello to you and happy ... what day is it? Again I've lapsed in my duties as a Sunday Summarist << is that a thing?? And indeed a Monday Missivist. Again...

But there's good reason for that: general busyness. And a much, much, did I mention much?...-needed short holiday to recover from aforementioned general busyness.

So, this last two weeks, I have mostly been...

...Enjoying the vocal stylings of Rock Choir at Hever Castle (after a very edifying wander around the house and grounds -- for all his faults, our 'Henery' VIII was quite a romantic ol' sod, wasn't he, if the letter transcripts to Anne Boleyn were anything to go by...):


and simultaneously trying to recover from the Voicerox Choir concert the night before (Saturday 5th July, forever etched in my memory -- at least until next year).

It went well. Very well. (Truncated curtain call aside.) After months of rehearsal, frustration, more rehearsal, a little more frustration and a lot of hard work and a great need for FOCUS we pulled it off. So please do excuse the relative indulgence of this post. I'm still clinging on to the memories, y'all...

Photo by Anthony Gould-Davies

{Safe to say I was enjoying proceedings...}
Photo by Anthony Gould-Davies (cropped from original)

Our set list included interpretations of songs by a variety of artists and groups from the Trammps to the Beatles via Bruno Mars (Runaway Baby, anyone) with a splash of 10cc/I'm Not in Love thrown in for good measure -- this was our a cappella number -- the first time we've ever done something like this in a Voicerox concert. And I think we nailed it!

Photo by Anthony Gould-Davies
{Much respect -- and celebratory Battenbergs -- to all of us who took part}

It was a very musical weekend, all things considered, but two days on I was still suffering from what I gleefully termed a singover (a singing hangover... oh wait, you were there already, weren't you)

Sorry. What can I say?!

And incidentally, after a fashion, those dance moves I was fretting over didn't even matter. I just needed to work on owning the mic. Dancing -- if you can call it that! -- was secondary.


On the Costa Del... Kent. Y'know, for a break away from this:

you can't beat the good ol' English coastline.

Ma, Pa and I spent four-and-a-bit days decompressing in very sunny if breezy Lydd where we spent a week waaaay back in September 2012 (I suspect many of the photos I've taken are duplicates give or take an altered sunset angle).

This little sojourn looked a little something like this:

During this delectable downtime {OK, enough with the alliteration} I was mostly also (brace yourselves, friends)...


and reading...

and reading...

{my current read -- or more accurately, reread...}

A mixed bag, all in all (top of the heap preference-wise: H. E. Bates, bottom, Julian Barnes...) but, yea verily, finally I am back on track with the Goodreads Reading Challenge. GO ME!

Celebrating yet another birthday

...with a Giant Jaffa Cake, excellent curry in very excellent company, and some delicious lemon sole on the day itself, with ma and pa in the wondrous Britannia Inn on Dungeness.

...Heck. I'm 36.


Reminiscing (again)

This is me exactly ten years ago today, heading off to Brighton for a truly momentous night out. Just thought I'd share this as I'm feeling particularly reflective about my state of mind then, and now. But in a good way.

{Keeping it classy with a plastic cup of Archers Aqua on a railway station bench. Yep.}

More on that at a separate time, I think...


...that at least two of my friends share my love of this film:

{Staying Alive}

Girls, I respect you even more for this. Gnarf.

And now for...

Weekly Weblinks (just a couple this time)

Hoping usual SS service will resume this Sunday...!

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