Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Summary

(now including gifs as standard, my friends)

This week, I have mostly been...

Feeling very much like this:

with a healthy side serving of:

chased up liberally with a lot of this:

{Actually, this one is gratuitous. I've been drinking a lot of coffee to abate the yawning.
I just think this sloth is superb.}

Yes, friends, it has been another one of those weeks in which my head has been frequently cradled in my hands and I've been heading home to stare at walls/bash down a few more lines of Tetris in the name of self-therapy.

So, understandably, my creative input and output has been fairly limited. And apparently my brain is operating out-of-hours on about 75% capacity as I managed to:

a) accidentally renew my Beebop Badges website subscription twice (and I now need to sell about 280 badges to justify it, bug the hosts to let me reclaim the money, or keep the site live until 2016...)

b) buy the same set of train tickets twice to see the clan today for Father's Day after buying one set online and failing to make any note of the booking reference (like a twerp) meaning I couldn't actually claim those tickets, and then, with three minutes before my train was due to depart, panic-buy another set (though I did later manage to claim a refund on the first purchase -- Southern Trains, I forgive you, a little bit) and...

c) nearly lose my disgustingly expensive season ticket in the aforementioned frenzy.

I need a holiday.

I have however finally finished...

Reading | Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton

(I'm keeping the review brief again, Alun...)

Swimming Studies is a hugely enjoyable homage to the pros and cons of competitive swimming, but also a love story between Shapton and the art of swimming itself. One of the book's highlights is a colour section featuring Shapton's art of swimming pools she has known -- in what look like flat colour patches at first glance, Shapton captures the depth and potential of each pool in turn.

Images (c) Leanne Shapton

I am still, frustratingly, three books behind schedule on my read-50-books-this-year challenge but I have a couple of quick reads to see me through the next coupla weeks, starting with:

and followed, undoubtedly, by:

Watching | Skins, series 3

...on 4OD. At the age of 35, I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit this but never mind. It's up there with the embarrassment factor of admitting I'm also working my way through Bo' Selecta series 3. It's also making me hugely, hugely grateful that I wasn't a teenager five years ago, even if most of the situations these people find themselves in are immensely contrived and involve narcotics. Just say no, children.

Looking forward to seeing | The Fault in Our Stars

The reviews have been very, very good. The book was magnificent. I have high hopes for the film...

Weekly Weblinks

16 libraries you have to see before you die (I hope to tick number 14 -- NY! -- off my list...) 

{Queens College, Cambridge, library. Shhh! Quiet!}

{Word on the Water near Paddington, London}

And finally...

Bye-bye now!

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