Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Summary Summery (you see what I did there?)

Oh boy.

Anyway. Hello to you. How you doin'?

This week, I have mostly been feeling a leettle bit like this:

Y'know when you have one of those weeks at work that just drain you down to a withered, deflated husk of a human being?

That. So much going on at one time. Just... so much.

{It may interest a couple of folk -- Martin, Peter... -- to know that I made this gif. It's very, very easy.}

But by Friday, all was well.

So, I went...

Walking | from Shepherd's Bush to Battersea

Evie and I had a new walking companion this time -- Katerina -- and we made not-bad-time-at-all from Shepherd's Bush to Battersea Park, taking in the periphery of Holland Park, then Kensington Gardens, then Hyde Park, on the way to Battersea, over Chelsea Bridge, this time.

We even stopped for quality ice cream in La Gondola, a delightfully quaint cafe in the middle of Battersea Park. Needs 'musted' at that point. It was the hottest day of the week thus far.

Reading | Scissors, Sisters and Manic Panics by Ellie Phillips

SS&MP is the follow-up to Phillips' first novel for Egmont's YA imprint, Electric Monkey: Dads, Geeks and Blue-Haired Freaksand focuses on teenage Sadie's endeavours to make hairdressing history, as well as making sense of her quirky, fragmented family and her relationships. My Goodreads review is here.

Listening | to Nik Kershaw // Wouldn't It Be Good

On a loop.

It's a worry.

This is largely a by-product of last weekend's John Hughes-fest but I'm not sure even watching back to back 80s films can excuse the unbridled passion issuing forth for this song:

(I'm also glossing over the suspicious heavy breathing at the start of the video.)

And that's really it.


Oh, except I stopped making excuses and did some more actual


today. With a pen. And some paper.

And the detritus that spilled forth from my brain.

Not for long, mind, but long enough.

See, I realised, while in conversation with fellow word-wranglers Evie and Katerina on Friday that I was using all manner of excuses to procrastinate writing: swimming, working, editing, commuting, Tetris Blitz, sleeping, blogwatching...

...when actually I'd just been taken by The Fear of committing my own words to paper again, having been so mired in the words of other people for the last few weeks. I just need to stop providing myself with distractions and darn well write.

Ideally offline. Fewer distractions.

Weekly Weblinks

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An excellent tribute to an excellent tribute to 'Frozen' (as performed by my friend Clare's housemate!)

And finally...

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  1. Honoured to have not one but two mentions in the Summary!

    Also, I still can't get over the huge-mushroom furore.