Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Summary

Hello to you!

(Ab)normal Sunday Summary service has resumed -- as you'll probably have worked out given you're, er, reading this. Whoa. Everything just got a little self-referential.

Much like this vintage Ladybird book cover that I can't stop staring at:

Apparently there's a technical word for when a book cover (or any illustration really) features an image within, of the image itself... which features the image of the image... If anyone can enlighten me on this term please do!

So, without further ado...

This week, I have mostly been...

Finishing | The Trial


I wrote a very short review on Goodreads.

I also only gave it two stars to begin with, but realised I could not hold the poor dead Kafka responsible for my lack of intelligence, which led to my lack of attention-span and my frustration over how long it took me to read this bad boy.

So I bumped it up to three stars.

I enjoyed the more surreal moments (which were, of course, Kafka-esque...) but could not grapple the two-page-long paragraphs full of legalese. Which, ahem, comes with the territory in a book about a legal trial.

**SPOILER** The ending was horrific.

I'm now flitting between Swimming Studies and Will Grayson, Will Grayson (by John Green* & David Levithan).


Walking | back to Happiness whoop-ah-oh yayeeeah Clapham 

On Friday Evie and I braved the weather and the potential sartorial awkwardness of us both wearing pink cagoules (didn't happen, sun shone, no need for them!) to walk a slightly amended route from Shepherd's (is there an apostrophe? I don't even know any more) Bush to Clapham Junction.

The walk which took us about two hours at a comfortable pace was only slightly stymied by sudden-onset relay sneezing (chronic, localised hayfever around Bayswater) and our ability to get lost in Clapham. Again.

Highlights: reaching the river and choosing our bridge (we went for the Albert Bridge this time), randomly bumping into one of my Voicerox friends on Holland Park Road and rewarding ourselves with a delicious malted milkshake in a hipster bottle (strawberry flavour for Evie, Minstrel for me) at Brew on Northcote Road in Clapham. (When we finally made it back to civilisation.)

Oh and we clocked up 6.81 miles. Go team us! I logged our route on MapMyWalk (you need to be a member to view).

Watching | the Eurovision Song Contest

I resisted. But then social media (and my very entertaining friends and their commentaries) lured me in and it was all downhill from there.

{Winner Conchita Wurst... as Lego. Yep.}
I was rather partial to France's entry. They came last. Pity.

And the whistling Swiss man...

I won't mention our entry. Best not to. We really shouldn't enter -- we take ourselves far too seriously.

And now... time for your

Weekly Weblinks

F Scott Fitzgerald stories published uncensored for the first time -- ooh-er!

Bad Grammar award reveals shortlist of English language offenders

Amazon releases list of 100 books to read in a lifetime

Judith Kerr: e-Books will not replace print for children (I love her)

*John Green: Can You Get Too Old for YA Novels? (No is being my answer.)

~ ~ ~

The slow death of purposeless walking

27 problems only introverts will understand:

"...when you need to be completely alone
so you can recharge and get back to being awesome."


{'Welcome to the Dollhouse" | Dawn Wiener. Keeping it awesome.}

And finally...

A self-affirming way to dissuade unwanted admirers

Over and out, until the next time..

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