Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday Missive Missing


No missive this weekend. It's been a completely loony one in the best way -- social with a side of spring cleaning... and by that I mean:

I went out two nights in a row with my beautiful rock choir girls and assembled excellent company. This is almost unheard of, these days!

Following that, I've spent much of the last two days up in my loft clearing out enough belongings to fill two charity bags, a whole cardboard recycling bin and a whole general refuse bin. No, friends, I am not the hoarder next door.

I've also assembled two KALLAX shelving units (the successor to IKEA's discontinuing EXPEDIT range) and filled them with all the books previously languishing in the aforementioned loft, and blown up an airbed. The shelves have stayed up, the bed, not so much. PFFFFFTTTTTT...

I'm spent. (Even though much of the above was done with a great deal of help from the lovely maternal unit.)

Will try harder next week.

Soz. Forgive me?

{This was going to be a picture of Roger Rabbit making his 'p-p-p-lllllleeeease' face but after a certain Roger meme in memory of Bob Hoskins -- RIP -- reduced me to a gibbering wreck earlier this week I thought a loris might be a safer option...}

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