Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Summary

Y'know, people* often** ask me, QB, how long does it take to write your Sunday Summary posts?

Hours. It takes hours. No word of a lie.

This is largely because I'm flitting between Blogger and my source files/sites on a laptop going at the speed of a stationary tortoise, but also because I get distracted b--ooh, Pinterest! Ooh, look! A minimalist Scandi living room! Ooh, a vintage Blyton edition! Ooh, another photo of Marianne Faithfull in the 1960s -- sorry. Back in the room.

{Ah, c'mon, she's awesome.}

This is also largely because by 5.30 on a Sunday evening I've been to church (yes, I do that!), vaguely considered lunch, spoken to my mother, done some arbitrary paperwork, scoured the hours of my day for something worth posting to my Photo a Day feed, failed, taken a photo of my feet and a record player spinning some Piaf:

vaguely considered dinner and thrown together something pasta-based instead or made a mercy run to Co-op for another of their excellent Kashmir butter-chicken pizzas and some discounted Ben & Jerry's, come home, and gone, basically, a bit catatonic after a week of work/choir/work/swim/work/choir/work routinitude (no, that's not a word but it should be), interspersed with a bit of reading, writing and 'rithmetic***. And all of the above of a Sunday.

So if sometimes I don't deliver, it's because my brain has actually emptied by this point in the week. Imagine, if you will, me. Wearing this expression (but without all the blinking):

There ya go.

(And, OK, sometimes my week has been so dang ordinary and uneventful there really isn't anything to report. Unbelievably.)

* I say people, I mean one person
** I say often, I mean once
*** I say 'rithmetic, I mean Excel.

I had a brief moment earlier of Sunday-night ennui/panic in which I thought for one terrifying second that I might not be able to deliver this week's SS.

{Yes, that is Jenna Marbles again, of 'You are welcome' gif fame.}

NOT POSSIBLE. I can't let my readers down.

So, here it is, merry Sunday, everybody's having fun...

This week, I have mostly been:

Reading | The Universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

I have only just forgiven the author for a) being younger than me and b) eliciting this very public reaction from me:

{Sorry. I couldn't not.}
So, the upshot of the book is this: Eponymous hero Alex is a national treasure -- and consequently epileptic and slightly socially awkward with his peers -- after having survived a direct meteorite hit as a child.

Alex finds himself hiding in the garden shed of cantankerous American veteran Isaac Peterson after running from school bullies -- subsequently Alex and Mr Peterson strike up a friendship that lasts six years and survives one dog, and the entire back catalogue of novelist Kurt Vonnegut. Alex and Mr Peterson's friendship is put to the test when Mr Peterson is diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder with an unhappy prognosis.

I won't disclose too many spoilers. I will just say that both Alex and Mr Peterson are expertly crafted as characters, there is enough 'science' around Alex's meteorite hit to take it from far-fetched flight-of-fancy to credible occurrence, and the medical scenarios (of which there are many) are brilliantly researched and played out to avoid melodrama. There are quite a few echoes in Alex of Nick Hornby's About a Boy (or, to be fair, the film adaptation) -- Mr Peterson is a father-figure to Alex in the same way Will comes to be to Marcus; Alex's mother is an alternative-living 'clairvoyant' and single mother in the same way Marcus' mother Fiona is slightly alternative, and both Alex and Marcus befriend a feisty, slightly older girl named Ellie.

The Universe versus Alex Woods is, ultimately, about friendship. But it's also about physics, religion, ethics, mortality and (OK, spoiler alert...) euthanasia. And all of these factions are knitted together into a tragi-comic novel that, yep, made me cry brazenly in public. And I haven't done that since Harold Fry.

{Incidentally I also had this reaction to this news about one of my favourite musicians L :}
Singing | at the Southbank Centre

Yesterday {Saturday} my most excellent rock/pop choir, Voicerox Choir, sang a twenty-minute set at the annual Chorus Festival at the Southbank Centre. It was only slightly blighted by a few sound hiccups (loose connections, thundering bass, that sort of thing) -- but in spite of that apparently we sounded great, especially when the sound cut out and, with nary a flinch, we segued into a quick a cappella moment. We're so versatile.

Oh look, here we are:

{Some of the most awesome people I know are in this photo.}

This week's interweb finds

New Mr Tickle app launched this week -- voiced by David Walliams! Check out the trailer here:

The ban on sending books to prisoners may be illegal -- here

This writer chose to be happy

The Australian cast of The Lion King treat fellow passengers to an impromptu performance

What, there's a stationery trade fair? Why wasn't I there?

Tatty-bye for now! I'm off to make this face again (and I may even turn the telly on to give the face some focus):

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