Monday, 21 April 2014

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Hello to you!

Yes, 'fraid your weekly dose of Bethy's Brain Deposits has been shunted back a day but good things come to those who wait, n'est-ce pas, especially if you've been observing Lent and yesterday was the first day in two months that chocolate has entered your digestive system...


This week (and a bit), I have mostly been...

Reading | The Trial (still)

The clue to the ease of reading of this novel is in the title...

Finishing | The End of Everything

An enjoyable yarn, though everything fell into place around Evie's disappearance much too easily; and Evie's family needn't have got the police involved at all because Evie's best friend Lizzie was apparently psychic enough to dream and sense Evie's fate and whereabouts. Or something. Still, I recommend The End of Everything as well as Dare Me, Abbott's catty cheerleader novel which reads a little like Bring it On Gone Bad. But in a good way.

Watching | Frozen

and Untouchable

Both very different films. Both superb. I don't need to roll out the plot intricacies of Frozen for your good selves, do I. ;-) It did remind me greatly of Return to Oz in parts -- the frozen landscapes, Sven the reindeer/the Gump, the lavishness of Elsa's/Mombi's palace..., Marshmallow/the Nome King...

And my heart belongs to Olaf the snowman. Sven's cute 'n' all, but Olaf won me over. (Closely followed by Oaken.)

Untouchable is something else. Based on a true story and a true friendship, it focuses on the unlikely friendship and mutual respect of two very different men: millionaire Philippe, paralysed in a skydiving accident, and his reluctant new live-in carer, Driss. It's French, subtitled, and its lead man, Francois Cluzet has more than a touch of Dustin Hoffman about him. It's also charming, funny, and has a delicious soundtrack by Ludovico Einaudi, one of my favourite contemporary composers. Win-win.

Also watching | Vimeo shorts

These ones caught my discerning, short-film-loving eye (those Vimeo staff have good taste):

Les Pyramides d'Égypte from Kheops Pyramides on Vimeo.

Still Life from ZANDRAK on Vimeo.

Returning | to Facebook

All right so maybe I did clock up my first live post in seven weeks at 8am on Easter Morning, as if I couldn't wait to break the Lenten fast. The post simply said Happy Easter -- I didn't try to encapsulate seven weeks in one post, don't you worry. What would be the point of that, eh?

And it was lovely to be welcomed back onto the platform! While my FB Fast may not have been the most enlightening move a person has ever made on a journey through Lent, it has given me some much-needed perspective. As has deleting every post and almost every photo I've posted in seven long FB years. I just don't need to be that present on Facebook any more.

And yes, admittedly, there is a dreg of truth in this meme:

but I see nothing excessively self-indulgent in making a pinboard of one's aesthetic pleasures. We're appreciating the inherent beauty and creativity in the world -- is how I justify spending hours poring over another 'Nostalgia from the 1980s' board that has somehow managed to unlock a gallon of suppressed memories. 

Some more welcome than others.

{Stuff of NIGHTMARES.}

And now... for your Weekly Weblinks

Following on from last week's post on 4WAAF {Four Weddings and a Funeral}, BBC Radio 4's 'The Reunion' programme focused on the film in this broadcast

Hesperus Press reveal plans for new-look Little Women 

University of Leeds' flummoxing restaurant signage

Baz Lurhmann's stage production of Strictly Ballroom opens in Sydney, as reported by a journalist who needs to work on their fact-checking skills... [I would still see this, especially to witness The Flying Doctors' own Robert Grubb as Barry Fife...]

The BBC's new adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn begins tonight -- here, and here (for a special BBC blog feature)

And finally...

I'm in love with Mini Moderns and their Dungeness-themed furnishings -- check out their Look Book here

C'est tout -- a la prochaine...

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