Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Summary

In the manner of Dodie Smith's heroine Cassandra [in I Capture the Castle], "I write this on the departmental iPad."

I thought I'd add a frisson to this weekly post, and see if anyone spots any great differences from the missives tapped out on ye olde PeaSea.*

* Meh. Already I'm struggling to format my text and add labels... Back to the old-skool method I go.

So, to it! This week I have mostly been...

Reading | The Executioner's Daughter and Grasshopper Jungle

Egmont is outputting some seriously brilliant YA fiction at the moment. I finished The Executioner's Daughter early this week -- it went in a slightly different direction from how I imagined it might when I first started reading it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the depiction of twelve-year-old Moss as she escaped the Tower and made her way through Tudor London to assert her independence from her father and learn her own history.

I went directly on to start Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. An entirely different ball o' wax but equally compelling. Best friends Austin and Robby accidentally unleash a plague that releases an army of giant praying mantises. Already gross. Already great. Follow (fictional) Austin's twitter feed here.

Watching | the last episodes of The IT Crowd 

In a slightly drunken stupor** on Friday night I came up with what I like to call the Linehan Success Formula, which applies principally to The IT Crowd, Black Books and Father Ted. Of course this theory didn't encompass the genius that is episodes such as Calendar Geeks which made me snort with laughter given I'm slightly so-stricken with this affliction:

LSF operates like this: A Graham Linehan-written success needs the following three factors to operate:

1) The tall, weary Irishman (admittedly Father Ted was not lacking in Irishmen), often but not always the eponymous character: Father Ted, Bernard Black, Roy
2) The bizarre and slightly innocent secondary male character: Father Dougal, Manny, Moss
3) The oddball woman who has no romantic involvement with either 1) or 2) but without whom they cannot function: Mrs Doyle, Fran and Jen.

There. Amazing what you come up with when semi-conscious under the influence of two glasses of champagne.

The last-ever episode of The IT Crowd, broadcast in 2013, worked brilliantly in that it acknowledged the history of the previous episodes (Douglas' robot hand, Moss' hot ear) and brought Roy, Moss and Jen up on top even by spurious means.

I'm now onto The Inbetweeners.

And finally...

Booking a trip of a lifetime

Remember that frustratingly cryptic reference I made two week ago about plotting and planning?

Well, I have plotted, and I have planned (a bit) and it would appear that for a week in September this year...


I have to keep writing it down because I don't quite believe it, even though I have confirmation of my flights. And a playlist on iTunes that I've subtly labelled NY NY 2014. And yes, it features Sinatra.

I'm yet to book my hotel but I have six months and a good idea of where I want to stay (as recommended by my friend Jenny who I'm hoping to see when I'm there), plus a few ideas of where I want to visit. Also hoping to catch up and quaff a Cosmo Carrie-Bradshaw-style with young Pippa!

But -- yep,

NEW YORK! SQUEE! Or should that be, NY-SQUEE!?

... I'll get me coat.

** I knocked back two of these bad boys on Friday night to celebrate booking my flights, and I was borderline comatose by 10pm. Is that normal?

{Champers, dahling. Only the best to celebrate the jetset lifestyle, yah?}

And now for Things Found on the Internet:

# Cannot wait to see this: The Book Thief film:

# Read an interview with The Book Thief author Markus Zusak here:

# The oldest survivor of the Holocaust died this week at 110 years of age. Amazing woman.

# It's Nice, That have curated a whole selection of art events in London that are not to be missed

# Pop into ASDA for your weekly shop, come out with a mini-me:

# Gorgeous vintage Swedish movie posters:

# Cool Rider LIVE. This is essentially Grease 2. On stage. With a different title. Bizarre. (With thanks to my sis for pointing this one out to me!)

{#Let's do it for our countryyyy...#}
# This little girl and her mum recreate famous dresses with paper. Very innovative. (Although I don't think I'd want my impressionable four year old exposed to the fashion industry... If I had a four year old, that is.)

{OK, OK, Nerdy Snow White is adorable. I admit it.}

# And finally (courtesy of Evie), armadillo hops backwards to Billie Jean. Yep.

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