Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Summary

Pardon the late-itude of this SS. 

After a fairly hardcore 1-mile swim earlier, I've been borderline comatose in front of the excellent (albeit maudlin) Sarah's Key and it only occurred to me at 8.45 pm that a) I haven't made any smoothies for breakfast and it's almost too late to crank up the blender (exciting life I do lead, truly); b) more crucially, I haven't posted the Sunday Summary! 

And given that my SSs have inspired my friends far and wide* to post similar updates, well, I'd better get to it. 

(*It was the turn of the lovely Ms Daisy to give me a namecheck this week -- check out Daisy's blog here, documenting her family's move down-under)


SO! Back to it. This week, I have mostly been…

Finishing | The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Reading this novel for the second time (first time being in 2004) I'm afraid I felt distinctly meh. I don’t remember there being so many Americanisms littered in the dialogue the first time I read it, nor do I remember the crux of the primary plot occurring so late in the book itself.

It had its enjoyable moments, of course, notably all the subtle (and less subtle) literary references, and the inclusion of Mr Rochester worked in the book's favour, of course, but all in all, I was fairly underwhelmed this time round.

I’ve now moved on to:

The Executioner’s Daughter by Jane Hardstaff.

I’m only a few chapters in and there’s already been a graphically-described beheading. Excellent.


I swear my kit list grows every time I go swimming. Gone are the days when you could schlep up to the pool, your cozzie on under your day-clothes, with a towel under your arm and a dry pair of knickers to hand, and be done with it.

These days, getting ready to swim is a full-scale, borderline military operation.

I’ve touched on the kit before on this here blog but it’s currently looking like this:

{And yes, I do count the gadgets as essentials. Essential to my sanity.
Not sure I needed to label the towel, in retrospect.}

All colour-co-ordinated, of course. Except the Water Bobble. Well, a girl’s gotta shake things up a little bit.

Watching | Pride and Prejudice

Yes, nineteen years on, I’ve finally got around to watching the acclaimed BBC series. Never let it be said I follow the crowd. No, you’ll find me lagging two decades behind.

I made the moderately unpopular statement on Facebook recently that I enjoy the film adaptation featuring Keira Knightley as Lizzy and I do still rate it but I can also see the benefits of the serial. Anna Chancellor as horrible Caroline Bingley, for one, and Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennet for another. And yes, I am somewhat charmed by Colin Firth's Darcy. Just call me a pack rat.

And now for your weekly round-up of Things I’ve Spotted on the Interweb (again, some of these found weeks, months, years after everyone else has cottoned on to them)

# An entire TV ad break created in Lego (yes, most of you saw this as it happened. I was blog-watching, and missed it)

# Pictures of Ed Miliband Staring in a variety of scenarios (thanks to Lizzie for these, I actually cried with laughter at Mili-Band of Brothers...)

# The power of Photoshop -- watch this singer turn from natural to Photoshopped (thanks to Jo for sharing this)

And finally, my favourite find on the web this week (oh, Buzzfeed, you saucy tempter, you):


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