Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been…

Well, actually this week has been a comparatively routine one in which nothing strange nor startling occurred. Goes a bit like this: Wake. Work. Swim. Sing. Sleep. Eat. Rave. Repeat. So please excuse the scantiness of this week’s Summary.

I’m also currently in the throes of revamping the Beebop Badges website, so I’m flitting between sprucing that up and summarising my week… and they say women can multitask. Not I, I’m afraid. Not today. 


So anyway, where was I? Ah yes, my week in bite-size bits! Here we go:

Reading | The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

Even now. I can read a much thicker book in a day, but these tricksy (yet beautifully classic) Penguin editions are taking me days on end. I swear it is the denser, smaller text.

I have two library books lined up to absorb after I’ve finished Pursuing Love with Fanny, Linda, Louisa and the other Radletts but I am thoroughly enjoying the barbed humour and observations on politics and class. It puts me in mind of the tone of voice in this very funny but understated interpretation of Noel Coward’s Easy Virtue:

{The film is much funnier than this trailer would have you believe...}

Oh and with my Christmas money from Pa QB, I treated myself to this:

{Penguin Drop-Cap edition of Jane Eyre}



Well… overcooking might be a more accurate description. Remember that 'sausage casserole' I had in the slow cooker for eight hours last week?

Cremated it.

It was edible but only just. What was intended as a gravy came out a gooey glaze.

I really need to remember I’m cooking for one in a tiny one-person slow-cooker and adjust my timings. 

I’m hoping this week’s honey sesame chicken will be slightly more successful…

Listening to | this tune by Avicii.

I honestly can’t get enough of it. Starts a little bit country, launches into full-on dance. Messes with your head. In a good way.

I’ve also been able to download, for just 99p each, these two albums via Google Play:


My musical education continues.

While I remember (and I rarely do), I mentioned in my NYE post that I was setting up a Flickr feed for my Photo of the Day -- the keen-eyed among you will have spotted I've done that (check out the top right corner of this blog. Up... up... there.) But in case you've still missed it (shocker), you can follow it here! And then wonder why I don't get out just a little bit more...

Oh and another thing: you know those often overly lengthy soul-searching posts of mine that I intersperse between these Summaries? You'll doubtless be gleeful to hear that I've gone back through the more recent annals (I SAID ANNALS) of this blog (actually, can you *have* recent annals? Is that an oxymoron? Ach well...) and retitled them Contemplations -- there are five of them now. (If you like that sort of thing.)

And now for the interwebby bit (you can tell I’m a bit distracted, this week, can’t you?)

Someone has designed fake London Underground signs -- and they're great!

Beautiful and oddly sinister photos of starling murmurations

And finally ... behold the quirky Instagram feed of artist Javier Perez // aka cintascotch

{Image by Javier Perez // cintascotch | via Stati.gram}

Have good weeks, friends! 

I'm now off to upload another 80 pictures of badges to an online shop. 

The things we do to preserve our creativity, eh?

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